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Go look at someone else's fangame ideas.



Beaten: No

Smoky Progg: No deaths but ran out of time to beating

Goolix: Defeated once

Mandatory Bosses: Puffstool and(Sort of) the First Armoured Canon Beetle (got part did not defeat)

Ship Parts: Like half

Challenge Mode:Pretty good at it

Pikmin 2

Beaten: 50% debt

Treasures: like 50

Piklopedia: like 35

Challenge Mode: Beat level one with everything in 2 goes

2 Player Battle: Nothing really. Just checked derpy faces.

Water Wraith: Not Even Close

Pikmin 3

Fruits: All

Days:25 something in all fruit run

Mission Mode: First and 5th boss with Platinum

Bingo Battle: Killed it

Favorites/Least Favorites


Pikmin type: Whites, There useful (I don't sacrifice)

Boss: Raging Bloyster

Enemy: Jellyfloats

Nintendo and 2nd party Characters: 1st Toon Link, 2nd Fuel, 3rd Boney

Video Game Characters: 1st Heavy, 2nd Toon Link, 3rd Scout

Pikmin Game: Pikmin 3

Youtube Channel: HDvee, his videos are awesome

Least Favorites

Pikmin Type: Cyan. (way to many cyan Pikmin)

Boss: Raging Long Legs (Joke)

Enemy: SkutterChuck (Joke)

Nintendo & 2nd party Game Characters: 1st Corrin 2nd Serena 3rd Dr. Mario

Video Game Characters: 1st Bayonetta, 2nd Corrin 3rd Serena

Pikmin Game: Smash Wii U (DIE SMASH WII U, I DESPISE IT)

Youtube Channel: Official Youtube channels (ones made by Youtube themselfs.)

Pikmin games

Development : The Adventure of Pikmin (needs data)

Alpha : Pikmin 4, The War of PNF-404 (In early stages of devlopment), Pikmin 5 (Only know first 3 areas 5 Pikmin types and a few collection items.)


I saw that some user (I think Pikminfan27) said that it would be cool if Pikmin Community Fangame so let's have one!

Anyone can edit it but it would be nice if it was edited whenever you on the Pikmin Fanon doing nothing.