Velvet Road

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Velvet Road
Location Eternal Woods
Sublevels 3
Treasures 3
Hazards Fire

The Velvet Road is a cave in the area Eternal Woods of the game The President's Adventure. It is the first cave to be played, and it's a red-only challenge, making it probably the easier cave to get by. It is also the only cave to not feature a upgrade as it's final treasure.


Sublevel 1

The first sublevel features nothing but a common path and three rooms, one with the Ship's Pod, the second with the treasure (being protected by an enemy) and the third with the hole for the next sublevel.

Map Of Sublevel 1



  • Tiny Tantrum (Whistle) - Being protected by the Red Bulborb.

Sublevel 2

On this floor, you'll face nothing but traps. It's enemy free, and it places itself like a tutorial, teaching the players about traps. There are two white gates, one black gate, and four fire hazards. It's easy to get by here, and anything can't harm your Pikmin, since this is a red-only cave.

Map Of Sublevel 2


There are no enemies in this sublevel.


There are no treasures in this sublevel.

Sublevel 3

The final sublevel is the hardest and also the longest. There are two corridors that will lead to the same place. There's a total of two treasures in this floor, one being a few steps close to the geyser, and the other being in the right corridor. The only enemies here are Season Bulborbs, easy to get by. They're strategy is to