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Volitarium is a hazard that is not harmful to Pikmin, but can beneficially mutate them and other lifeforms, turning them golden and rendering them invincible until its effects expire. Insects have a keen appetency for volitarium.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Louie's Revenge

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Louie's revenge!
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Louie's Revenge, a fanon game created by GoldenPickaxe.
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Volitarium is a hazardous mineral appearing in Pikmin: Louie's Revenge as a primary focus of the main story. It has a very unstable molecular structure; as such, it reacts randomly with different organisms and environments, the exact reason why Olimar, the President, and Sagittarius work to purge it from PNF-404. Volitarium can also be found in the form of volitarium cores, which they also work to remove. Insects, most notably, have the most adverse reaction of all lifeforms to exposure, or in this case consumption, to volitarium, which is incredibly addictive to them, as it renders them golden and invincible until the source is removed. Volitarium has similar effects on a few other creatures, the Gold Pikmin being only one.