Wonder Box

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The Rising Darkness
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Rising Darkness, a fanon game created by BeatOli.
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Wonder Box The icon used to represent this treasure.
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Number Unknown
Series Unknown
Weight Unknown
Maximum carriers Unknown
Location Valley of Grief

The Wonder Box is a treasure in Pikmin: The Rising Darkness. It is a Nikon-brand digital camera that is found in the Valley of Grief, in a small depression filled with bulborbs. It grants the ability to capture screenshots and share them over Wi-Fi.


Olimar's journal

This miraculous device was found in a small depression in the Valley of Grief, guarded by some bulborbs! This device allows me to take pictures, and send them to registered networks too! Now I can send my son pictures of the many creatures I encounter. He'll be so happy. However, the President keeps taking pictures of himself with it... I don't think my son wants to see... that.