Blue Power Parasite

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Blue Power Parasite
Family Powerasite

The Blue Power Parasite is a species powerasite that imbues its hosts with the hazard of water.

User versions

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KirbyRider's version

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Blue Power Parasite The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Antileechus floodea
Family Powerasite
Carry weight 1
Max. carriers 1
Seed worth 10
Poko value P2 Poko icon.png × 3
Attacks Empowers enemies

The Blue Power Parasite is a member of the powerasite family. It latches onto an enemy to surround them in a large, watery membrane that can drown all but water-resistant Pikmin such as Blue Pikmin. Creatures that typically drown when introduced to water, like most mandiblards, cannot drown when protected by the Blue Power Parasite. The bubble will pop when the parasite is forced off the host or dies. The Blue Power Parasite is harmless on its own and can be killed easily by a single Pikmin.


Olimar's notes

A loathsome creature that encases its host within a goolix shell. I discovered that it soaks everything in its path! Whoa! Better stay sharp!

Louie's notes

Must be eaten raw. If cooked, it dissolves into water that soaks the frying pan and creates steam, which blinds the chef.