Mandiblard family

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "mandiblard family" article for more official information.

The mandiblard family consists of grub-like insects that typically burrow into the ground.

List of members

Ancient Female Sheargrub

Main article: Ancient Female Sheargrub

The Ancient Female Sheargrub is a prehistoric mandiblard.

Ancient Male Sheargrub

Main article: Ancient Male Sheargrub

The Ancient Male Sheargrub is a prehistoric mandiblard.

Aquatic Sheargrub

Main article: Aquatic Sheargrub

The Aquatic Sheargrub inhabits water, living either at or under its surface.


Main article: Biddygrub

The Biddygrub follows one another in specific formations.

Blue Sheargrub

Main article: Blue Sheargrub

The Blue Sheargrub has a blue body.

Burrow Bug

Main article: Burrow Bug

The Burrow Bug can eat Pikmin.

Coastal Sheargrub

Main article: Coastal Sheargrub

The Coastal Sheargrub moves quickly and can eat Pikmin.

Darkfreeze Shearwig

Main article: Darkfreeze Shearwig

The Darkfreeze Shearwig is a species of winged mandiblard infused with darkfreeze energy.


Main article: Electro-Grub

The Electro-Grub can generate electricity.


Main article: Feargrub

The Feargrub invokes panic or has other notable characteristics.

Female Sheargrub

Main article: Female Sheargrub

The Female Sheargrub follows leaders and Pikmin.

Female Shearwig

Main article: Female Shearwig

The Female Shearwig commands lesser shearwigs.

Fiery Sheargrub

Main article: Fiery Sheargrub

The Fiery Sheargrubs uses fire to defend itself.

Flaming Supershear

Main article: Flaming Supershear

The Flaming Supershear is engulfed in flames and can fly.

Glittery Sheargrub

Main article: Glittery Sheargrub

The Glittery Sheargrub scatters panic-inducing particles to defend itself.

Golden Sheargrub

Main article: Golden Sheargrub

The Golden Sheargrub has a shining golden exoskeleton.

Greater Shearlit

Main article: Greater Shearlit

The Greater Shearlit remains under the ground until approached, prompting it to attack, and may spew fire or ignite itself.

Green Burrow Bug

Main article: Green Burrow Bug

The Green Burrow Bug is semiaquatic and eats Pikmin.


Main article: Hunnagrub

The Hunnagrub secretes adhesive or nectar.

Icy Shearwig

Main article: Icy Shearwig

The Icy Shearwig is a winged mandiblard protected by ice.


Main article: Jackwig

The Jackwig is a winged mandiblard that constructs hives, most commonly on bramble gates, and defends itself by using its stinger to inject poison.

Leafcutter Sheargrub

Main article: Leafcutter Sheargrub

The Leafcutter Sheargrub feeds on leaves and uses them to its benefit.

Lesser Shearlit

Main article: Lesser Shearlit

The Lesser Shearlit remains under the ground until approached, prompting it to attack, and may spew fire or ignite itself.

Lighter Shearwig

Main article: Lighter Shearwig

The Lighter Shearwig can breathe fire or spontaneously combust.

Lofty Shearglub

Main article: Lofty Shearglub

The Lofty Shearglub flies away from danger.

Male Sheargrub

Main article: Male Sheargrub

The Male Sheargrub can eat Pikmin and attack leaders.

Mama Sheargrub

Main article: Mama Sheargrub

The Mama Sheargrub flails wildly in an attempt to crush anything caught underneath it.

Mandiblard Larva

Main article: Mandiblard Larva

The Mandiblard Larvae is a young mandiblard

Metal Shearwig

Main article: Metal Shearwig

The Metal Shearwig may be either a robot or a stronger relative of the Shearwig.


Main article: Mistmite

The Mistmite conceals itself in fog or mist.

Painted Sheargrub

Main article: Painted Sheargrub

The Painted Sheargrub has a vibrant appearance.

Papa Sheargrub

Main article: Papa Sheargrub

The Papa Sheargrub can eat Pikmin as well as crush them.

Patchy Sheargrub

Main article: Patchy Sheargrub

The Patchy Sheargrub has patches of color on it or resembles a plush.

Pinching Sheargrub

Main article: Pinching Sheargrub

The Pinching Sheargrub pinches Pikmin.

Plump Sheargrub

Main article: Plump Sheargrub

The Plump Sheargrub has a thick layer of fat protecting itself.

Quarrying Sheargrub

Main article: Quarrying Sheargrub

The Quarrying Sheargrub reveals geysers when it tunnels into the ground.

Queen Shearwig

Main article: Queen Shearwig

The Queen Shearwig is a winged mandiblard matriarch that commands lesser shearwigs.

Rad Sheargrub

Main article: Rad Sheargrub

The Rad Sheargrub emits radiation.

Red Sheargrub

Main article: Red Sheargrub

The Red Sheargrub has a distinctive, red coloration.

Salty Sheargrub

Main article: Salty Sheargrub

The Salty Sheargrub is named after its appearance, smell, or taste.

Sandy Speargrub

Main article: Sandy Speargrub

The Sandy Speargrub inhabits desert environments and is covered in spikes.

Sandy Swarming Sheargrub

Main article: Sandy Swarming Sheargrub

The Sandy Swarming Sheargrub resides within sand.


Main article: Shadegrub

The Shadegrub hides in the shadows and attacks by swarming.

Shadow Sheargrub

Main article: Shadow Sheargrub

The Shadow Sheargrub is comprised of dark energy.


Main article: Shearant

The Shearant is a legged mandiblard that attacks in organized formations and scavenges for supplies for its colony.

Shearant Elite

Main article: Shearant Elite

The Shearant Elite is a legged and winged mandiblard that attacks in organized formations and scavenges for supplies for its colony.


Main article: Shearblug

The Shearblug patrols its territory until seeing Pikmin, wherein it curls up to project its spikes and then rolls after them.


Main article: Shearfin

The Shearfin is a potentially aquatic mandiblard named for the fins on its body.


Main article: Shearmin

The Shearmin is a mandiblard infected by a parasitic Pikmin.


Main article: Shearnymph

The Shearnymph is aquatic and can dive or jump to eat Pikmin.


Main article: Shearpion

The Shearpion is a legged and also sometimes winged mandiblard that has a bladed tail used to skewer prey.


Main article: Shearplant

The Shearplant appears to be or is made of plant matter.


Main article: Shearwig

The Shearwig is a winged mandiblard that can eat Pikmin.

Shielded Sheargrub

Main article: Shielded Sheargrub

The Shielded Sheargrub is protected by armor plating.

Skating Shearnymph

Main article: Skating Shearnymph

The Skating Shearnymph has remarkable agility on ice.

Skimmering Shearglub

Main article: Skimmering Shearglub

The Skimmering Shearglub is highly aggressive and resides in water.


Main article: Speargrub

The Speargrub is covered in spikes and travels through holes in walls.

Speedy Sheargrub

Main article: Speedy Sheargrub

The Speedy Sheargrub moves at incredibly fast speeds.


Main article: Sporegrub

The Sporegrub releases poisonous clouds at Pikmin.


Main article: Stingeret

The Stingeret has a stinger on its rear.

Sunset Sheargrub

Main article: Sunset Sheargrub

The Sunset Sheargrub appears during sunset.

Swarming Sheargrub

Main article: Swarming Sheargrub

The Swarming Sheargrub jumps onto objects to weigh them down.

Thundering Shearwig

Main article: Thundering Shearwig

The Thundering Shearwig produces electricity.

Twisted Sheargrub

Main article: Twisted Sheargrub

The Twisted Sheargrub has been mutated as a result of exposure to radiation.

Vicious V-Bug

Main article: Vicious V-Bug

The Vicious V-Bug is extremely aggressive yet equally as harmless.

Wall Climber

Main article: Wall Climber

The Wall Climber, true to its name, climbs walls, and attacks from them.

Wooden Sheargrub

Main article: Wooden Sheargrub

The Wooden Sheargrub is made of wood and has a severe weakness to fire.

Wooden Shearwig

Main article: Wooden Shearwig

The Wooden Shearwig is made of wood and has a severe weakness to fire.

Zombie Sheargrub

Main article: Zombie Sheargrub

The Zombie Sheargrub is undead, has a parasite controlling it, or both.