Mandiblard family

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The mandiblard family consists of grub-like insects that typically burrow into the ground.

List of members

Aquatic Sheargrub

Main article: Aquatic Sheargrub

The Aquatic Sheargrub is a legged mandiblard that skims along the surface of water. They may not move fast, but these insects have an appetite for Pikmin and wooden bridges, as well as other plant life that falls in the water.


Main article: Biddygrub

Biddygrubs are brightly-colored mandiblards that resemble Swarming Sheargrubs in both shape and behavior. They are harmless and docile creatures that travel in organized packs, usually in the formation of a line or circle.

Burrow Bug

Main article: Burrow Bug

They appear to be blue Female Sheargrubs, with mouths.

Coastal Sheargrub

Main article: Coastal Sheargrub

They are mustard-colored mandiblards with beige shells, red mouths, purple eyes, and numerous small yellow feet, making them one of the few mandiblards with limbs. They resemble the real-world mole crab. They are most common in, but not exclusive to, the jungle island's beaches.

Darkfreeze Shearwig

Main article: Darkfreeze Shearwig

A Darkfreeze Shearwig is a Shearwig that has been infused with Darkfreeze energy. It is dark purple, with long bladelike wings and a sharp segmented body. Its pincers are made of solid ice, and it has two glowing red eyes. Once it emerges from the ground, it acts like a normal Shearwig until it is damaged enough, in which it will briefly fly away and then quickly dive back down into the ground where it took off from, taking any Pikmin caught underneath with it. They have much more health than normal Shearwigs.


Main article: Electro-Grub

They resemble the typical sheargrub but are blue with yellow stripes. Electro-grubs electrocute any Pikmin, besides Yellow Pikmin that touch them, and may also eat Pikmin in front of them. They may only be killed using Yellow Pikmin. Swarming them is an effective strategy, but throwing a Yellow Pikmin directly on top of one will kill it instantly.


Main article: Feargrub

It has a large spike on its back, for it flips over near your Pikmin, to impale them, but it will become stuck in the ground so your Pikmin can attack it. Like Male Sheargrubs, swarming isn't a good stradegy.

Female Sheargrub

Main article: Female Sheargrub

Female Sheargrubs are a much lighter color than the males and have significantly smaller mandibles, making them unable to cause direct harm to a leader or any Pikmin, though they are still a menace to bridges. They can be ignored in most situations, perhaps only useful as a means of easy-access nectar, which they will produce if killed while petrified.

Female Shearwig

Main article: Female Shearwig

It is much larger than the male shearwigs and in fact is surrounded by the bugs. It emerges from the ground and lumbers around very slowly, rearing back when it nears Pikmin and then slashing forwards, eating Pikmin. The backside is vulnerable and the attack can be easily sidestepped. The fight gets harder after it takes 50% damage because it will start flapping its wings occasionally to push over your Pikmin. During the entire fight you'll be pestered with male shearwigs as well, which will stop attacking after the female is defeated.

Fiery Sheargrub

Main article: Fiery Sheargrub

Fiery Sheargrubs resemble Female Sheargrubs and are perpetually cloaked in flames, making Red Pikmin necessary to defeat them.

Glittery Sheargrub

Main article: Glittery Sheargrub

The Glittering Sheargrub is a wandering mandiblard, much like the Swarming Sheargrub. Glittery Sheargrubs travel alone or in groups, and when they are threatened, they scatter glitter around themselves and make a swift escape while the Pikmin attacking them panic.

Golden Sheargrub

Main article: Golden Sheargrub

The Golden Sheargrub is an extraordinarily rare subspecies of mandiblard that has a durable golden shell. Golden Sheargrubs cannot kill Pikmin, but their hard shell and tendency to flee make them tedious to kill. If allowed to, Golden Sheargrubs will eventually burrow into the ground and never reemerge.

Greater Shearlit

Main article: Greater Shearlit

This large Mandiblard will stay underground until Olimar walks over it.

Green Burrow Bug

Main article: Green Burrow Bug

They look like green Burrow Bugs. They live in wet areas, like The Fountsin Valley, and can eat up to 1 Pikmin at a time. They are not too different from their blue cousins, so they are about the same level of a threat.


Main article: Hunnagrub

The Hunnagrub is an airborne member of the mandiblard family. They can be difficult to defeat due to their sheer speed and because they are coated in adhesive. A trip stone will take a Hunnagrub out in an instant.

Icy Shearwig

Main article: Icy Shearwig

The Icy Shearwig is a member of the mandiblard family that inhabits frigid environments. It is a close relative of the Shearwig and behaves much like it, but when Pikmin or leaders touch an Icy Shearwig, they become increasingly chilled so long as they maintain contact with it.


Main article: Jackwig

Jackwigs are part of the mandiblard family. They are well known for their wasp like markings. They eat pikmin and unlike a lot of mandiblards they create nests underground to create colonies. They are also known to have visible nests on white and black gates. They do a great job warding off predators because they carry poisonous stingers to stab creatures, and their bright coloration warns predators to back off. If the predator isn't warded by it's coloration, they pull out their stingers and use it without hesitation. They don't eat bridges but they try to rebuild gates which hold their nests.

Leafcutter Sheargrub

Main article: Leafcutter Sheargrub

The Leafcutter Sheargrub is much of the same way to a typical Male Sheargrub, and about the same size as well, but with the exception of brownish skin, and a leaf-like body structure on its back, evolved from wings as a camouflage much like a Skitter Leaf. Leafcutter Sheargrubs are typically found in groups, and when not much meat is around, will change their diet and eat on dead leaves instead. Unlike other Sheargrubs, it doesn't burrow underground, but instead lays dormant and camouflages itself to resemble a leaf.

Lesser Shearlit

Main article: Lesser Shearlit

This small Mandiblard will eat Pikmin then burrow underground until stepped over again by Olimar.

Lighter Shearwig

Main article: Lighter Shearwig

The Lighter Shearwig is a relative of the Shearwig and sports a tan body, green eyes, and blue wings. It glows faintly and behaves similarly to its relative except it has the ability to spew a jet of fire from its mouth, making Red Pikmin useful in a battle against them.

Male Sheargrub

Main article: Male Sheargrub

Male Sheargrubs have a dark purple shell and large mandibles. They are capable of attacking leaders and the Pikmin, but are not a serious threat, as they can only eat one Pikmin at a time.

Mandiblard Larva

Main article: Mandiblard Larva

Mandiblard Larvae are small, glowing, larval mandiblards. Like Bulborb Larvae, Mandiblard Larvae are easy to kill and leave no remains after dying. They cannot kill Pikmin or harm leaders and are beneficial to have around because of the light they produce.

Metal Shearwig

Main article: Metal Shearwig

Metal Shearwigs strongly resemble Shearwigs in shape and size, being a small, limbless, winged grub-like creature, but not so much in color. They have a shiny, dark gray exoskeleton protecting their face, lime green eyes, light blue, translucent wings, and a fleshy, pink backside. Although a Metal Shearwig is small and may seem simple to dispatch, it proves to be a challenging foe in battle, even when alone, because of its behaviors and vitality. Attacking one head-on is futile and may result in Pikmin casualties or harm to leaders, and while charging Pikmin at one is generally a fast and reliable strategy, it is only effective against grounded Metal Shearwigs.


Main article: Mistmite

Mistmites lurk under the cover of the fog patches in the Woods of Occlusion. They seek out Pikmin and then leap at them in a tall arc, impaling up to two Pikmin with their sharp noses upon landing. The thick fog hides Mistmites fairly well, but they can still be faintly seen creeping along the ground.

Painted Sheargrub

Main article: Painted Sheargrub

The Painted Sheargrub is a mandiblard that is highly sought-after because of its Poko value. Like most mandiblards, they emerge from the ground when leaders or their Pikmin come near, but as they are timid creatures, they may retreat under the ground even before they are attacked.

Patchy Sheargrub

Main article: Patchy Sheargrub

The Patchy Sheargrub is a mandiblard that evolved to display bright colors, patch-like patterns, and an overall stitched-together appearance. As they move, Patchy Sheargrubs emit a snipping noise that is reminiscent of the sound a pair of scissors makes while using them.

Pinching Sheargrub

Main article: Pinching Sheargrub

Even though this sheargrub looks squishy and harmless, it can pinch and kill up to 3 pikmin at once. It is indeed a part of the Mandiblard family and will not attack if you leave it alone.

Plump Sheargrub

Main article: Plump Sheargrub

It vaguely resembles a fat Male Sheargrub in color and size, and has a small, purple body, beady green eyes, a tan and brown underside and mandibles, a lavender-colored mouth, and what appears to be four small nubs that act as feet. It moves very quickly and has extreme difficulty catching and eating Pikmin as a result.

Queen Shearwig

Main article: Queen Shearwig

The Queen Shearwig is a large mandiblard, and leader of a swarm of Shearwigs. It rarely attacks directly, instead choosing to send its army of Shearwigs to attack leaders and the Pikmin accompanying them. The Shearwigs also serve as protection to their queen, which is usually reached once the Shearwigs in the way are cleared. In P:TDoP, its scientific name is the same as the Shearwigs'.

Rad Sheargrub

Main article: Rad Sheargrub

The Rad Sheargrub is a mandiblard that has been saturated in radiation. Radiation permeates its entire body, causing it to emit a sickly green glow. Just being within close proximity to the creature can be dangerous, as it can cause mutations in Pikmin and turn them against the leaders commanding them. Extended radiation exposure can eventually kill Pikmin and severely harm leaders, but Rad Pikmin are immune to its effects.

Red Sheargrub

Main article: Red Sheargrub

The Red Sheargrub is a more dangerous, crimson-colored subspecies of Male Sheargrub. It has more health, can move faster, and exudes sticky muck that slows Pikmin and leaders that walk through it.

Salty Sheargrub

Main article: Salty Sheargrub

The Salty Sheargrub is named for its white coloration and its scent, which is reminiscent of soy sauce.

Sandy Speargrub

Main article: Sandy Speargrub

The Sandy Speargrub is a mandiblard found in the files of Hey! Pikmin. Little is known about it besides it possibly being a variant of Speargrub, or even a prototype design of it.

Sandy Swarming Sheargrub

Main article: Sandy Swarming Sheargrub

Sandy Swarming Sheargrubs are unusual mandiblards that inhabit deserts, being found mainly near oases, buried under the sand. They have beady, blue eyes, and their small, yellow bodies are covered in sand and dirt due to the lime green slime that seeps out of their skin. The natural debris coating the body of a Sandy Swarming Sheargrub gives it little extra protection from predators. The slime produced by the creatures is sticky, and only Green Pikmin may resist becoming stuck to it.

Shadow Sheargrub

Main article: Shadow Sheargrub

Shadow Sheargrubs are the name given to the mandiblard-like beings that appear from the shadows and overcome their prey through sheer numbers. Their eyes glow yellow and they can be pretty relentless foes. When defeated, they dissolve on the spot, suggesting that they might even be a natural phenomenon interpreted as living organisms, like the Waterwraith.


Main article: Shearant

The Shearant is an intelligent mandiblard that possesses legs, a characteristic thought to have been possessed by ancient mandiblards. Whether the Shearant has retained its limbs through time or has evolved enough to regain them is unclear, but they are intelligent creatures that can organize themselves similarly to Pikmin. They can be witnessed performing tasks such as carrying corpses, drinking nectar, and attacking in organized formations.

Shearant Elite

Main article: Shearant Elite

The Shearant Elite is an advanced form of the Shearant, a race of mandiblard-like beings that could either be the ancestors or the descendants of the mandiblards. The Shearant Elite sports a pair of powerful wings that allow it to fly high above its attackers, but it can fend for itself well on the ground with its powerful jaws. The female has pink wings and the male has purple wings.


Main article: Shearblug

The Shearblug is a water-breathing mandiblard. It resembles a Female Sheargrub with a longer, more grub-like body and spots on its sides. It attacks by curling into a ball, forcing spikes to emerge from its back, then rolling toward threats. It can be defeated by throwing a single Pikmin onto it when its spikes are retracted. In P:TDoP, itts scientific name is Himeagea rotundus.


Main article: Shearfin

The Shearfin is the largest member of the mandiblard family, being similar in size to the Emperor Bulblax. It has an elongated body and has fin-like appendages on its body, giving it the shape of a shark.


Main article: Shearpion

Mandiblards like the Sheargrub lost their wings and legs over time, and while some have partially developed wings or legs, like the Shearwig and Shearant, only the mighty Shearpion has regained the use of both wings and legs. The Shearpion is enormous for a Mandiblard; it's about the same size as a Fiery Blowhog. Its armored carapace is pure black and its eyes are yellow. It has multiple legs, like a Shearant, but it also has large wings that allow it to fly out of harm's reach if injured. The most unique feature of this advanced killer is its long tail, ending in a sharp scythe. It normally drags the tail along the ground, but if approached, it will raise the tail to make itself appear larger.


Main article: Shearwig

Shearwigs are troublesome mandiblards to deal with. The females of this species are never seen, as they spend nearly their entire life underground. The males have a dark green shell, sporting simple wings and large, sickle-shaped mouthparts. They are slightly more aggressive than Male Sheargrubs and will fly to safety when their health reaches half; up in the air, they regain health. One well-aimed Pikmin will bring a flying Shearwig down for good.

Shielded Sheargrub

Main article: Shielded Sheargrub

The Shielded Sheargrub is a mandiblard that is protected by a large chitinous growth covering its face. This armor-like growth is for defense against predators. Shielded Sheargrubs cannot be attacked from the front, but they are vulnerable from behind, making them somewhat similar to Joustmites in terms of battle strategy. A Shielded Sheargrub can be critically injured, but not outright killed if at full health, by throwing a Pikmin onto its back.


Main article: Speargrub

Speargrubs are a type of mandiblard that are green in color, with a small, teal mouth and spikes lining their back. They emerge from holes on various surfaces and slowly crawl down until they duck into another hole, where they will return to the first hole and repeat at regular intervals. They do not actively pursue Pikmin, but are still hazardous due to the spikes, so they should be treated as an obstacle. Rock Pikmin cannot be hurt by the spikes, and throwing one at a Speargrub will kill it. In P:TDoP, its scientific name is Himeagea dentefaber.

Speedy Sheargrub

Main article: Speedy Sheargrub

Speedy Sheargrubs relentlessly accelerate towards Pikmin at top speed to eat them or run them over.


Main article: Sporegrub

Sporegrubs, unlike other members of the mandiblard family, have no visible mouths. Their heads are dark brown with bright green eyes, and their bodies are purple with pink spots. Two rows of spikes line their backs, though these are just for show and don't harm Pikmin. They also have six tiny legs, making them the only mandiblard to have visible limbs. When approached, Sporegrubs attack by expelling poisonous gas. They can be defeated by a single Pikmin thrown onto them.


Main article: Stingeret

The Stingeret is a form of mutated Male Sheargrub. They have glowing red eyes, red stripes along their main body, an "X" on their forehead, a red and green mouth, and a red stinger. Their main form of attack is to try to eat Pikmin and bite leaders, and when they lunge during a bite, the stinger on their backside can impale a nearby Pikmin. Pikmin that are caught on the stinger will eventually die if the Stingeret isn't killed quickly enough.

Sunset Sheargrub

Main article: Sunset Sheargrub

Sunset Sheargrubs are a brilliantly-colored member of the mandiblard family that only appears during sunset, where they emerge from the ground and lazily wander around in a small territory. When the sun finally sets, they burrow into the ground once more and remain there until the next sunset.

Swarming Sheargrub

Main article: Swarming Sheargrub

Swarming Sheargrubs are a green subspecies of the mandiblard family, quite similar to the Female Sheargrub. They are usually found in groups of six to eight. They can drink nectar to increase in size and weigh objects down. When attacked, the entire group goes into a panic and scatters. Swarming Sheargrubs can't attack leaders or Pikmin, making it the second member of this family to be completely harmless. Their mandibles are shorter and stubbier than a Female Sheargrub's, but only by a little bit. Although they have many similarities to the Female Sheargrubs, they do not have a known gender.

Twisted Sheargrub

Main article: Twisted Sheargrub

The Twisted Sheargrub is an oversized Male Sheargrub that has been mutated due to radioactive waste. One resides on the final floor of the Gnarled Undergrowth and is accompanied by ten Male Sheargrubs. It holds the Marvelous Communicator. In addition to eating Pikmin, the Twisted Sheargrub can also create a flammable chemical in its abdomen, which it uses to defend itself from attackers.

Vicious V-Bug

Main article: Vicious V-Bug

It is a black insectoid with a tough hide and displays remarkable hostility towards other organisms it encounters. Its hostility also extends to bomb rocks it finds, which often ends with spectacular results. The Vicious V-Bug is unable to kill Pikmin and can only swipe off their flowers and knock them over with the oversized shearing appendages on its frontal limbs. Overall, the creature is merely a harmless distraction. Vicious V-Bugs are notorious for decimating stick bridges.

Wooden Sheargrub

Main article: Wooden Sheargrub

Shearwoods are large Shearwigs that are made out of wood. One is the boss of Oak Cave, the third cave. Afterwords, they can be found as rare enemies. They attack by dropping logs on your Pikmin, as well as eating them. They have a large amount of health, and can summon Male Sheargrubs to the area.