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Water The icon used to represent this hazard.

Water is the most common hazard and obstacle, since it is presented mostly through bodies of water that are a part of the terrain itself. While not dangerous in and of itself, water is a hazard to most Pikmin types, given that they can not swim, or breathe underwater; the main exception to this is Blue Pikmin, making this type of Pikmin ideal for underwater tasks. Winged Pikmin can fly above the surface, making it possible to traverse bodies of water with them in the group, though they can not be thrown when the leader they are following is underwater. In Pikmin 3 and Hey! Pikmin, Blue Pikmin have the ability to swim, allowing them the freedom to move up and down, such as when chasing aquatic enemies.

Any inapt Pikmin type that touches water begins flailing at the surface, but eventually tires and drowns. Pikmin in this state might be saved by having them slowly flail towards the leaders, and luring them to dry land. Alternatively, in Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2, if there are idle Blue Pikmin nearby, they can toss drowning Pikmin onto land. Some bodies of water may restrict access to an important part of an area, where land-faring Pikmin are needed. Bodies of water are not the only way Pikmin can suffer from a water hazard, as some enemies have attacks that wet inapt Pikmin in such a way that a bubble of water forms around the top of their stem. This is enough to leave them choking and running in panic. If they're whistled in time, they instantly return to normal, but if not, they eventually collapse and die.

Water can also be lethal to non-aquatic enemies, causing them to either lose health gradually or die quickly. Some enemies also react to water in different ways, such as fire-related enemies being extinguished. Enemies that live exclusively in water usually become harmless when forced out of it.

In fanon games

Below this point is where users place their version of water.

In Pikmin 2... Again?

What if it was another story...?
This article or section pertains to Pikmin 2... Again?, a fanon game created by Blower Pot.
Water Water icon.png
Lethal? Yes
Types Lethal, drowning
Resisted by Blue Pikmin, Glow Pikmin
Effects Drowns/chokes Pikmin

Water appears in Pikmin 2... Again? the same as it ever was, both a hazard, such as in enemy attacks, and an obstacle, such as bodies of water. Blue Pikmin can rescue Pikmin drowning in a body of water, even as they are dying, which will result in the Pikmin coughing up water after the Blue Pikmin throws it to dry land.

In Pikmin Rebirth

Pikmin Rebirth icon.png
"A new world, a new time, a new adventure."
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Rebirth, a fanon game created by Glubfubb.
Pikmin Rebirth icon.png
Water The icon used to represent this enemy.
Rarity Common
Effects Asphyxiates Pikmin
Resisted by Blue Pikmin
Lethal to Purple Pikmin

Water appears as the most common hazard in Pikmin Rebirth. Like its previous appearances, water takes the form of a clear liquid often found accumulated in depressions in the terrain; it is essential for animals and vegetation to intake, and some organisms also live in it. Water is unique in that it can combine with other hazards to form different threats, such as with electricity to form electrified water, which kills all Pikmin instantly, and with poison to become mud-like sludge that explodes upon contact with acid. Most Pikmin aren't skilled swimmers and will begin to drown if they enter a body of water; Purple Pikmin, in particular, drown twice as quickly after entering a body of water. Blue Pikmin, however, can not only breathe underwater but can also rescue other Pikmin from drowning. In fact, when Blue Pikmin interact with certain water sources, they become infused with it and changed into Torrent Pikmin, which can slow down enemies and make them more likely to be stunned and can also transport water to other areas like sponges. Water comes from many sources, and, alongside ice, fire, poison, and acid, can jet out of geyser from the ground, making it all the more hazardous.

In Pikmin Sunshine

P3 Master Onion.png
Another Adventure
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Sunshine, a fanon game created by MaxMaker.
P3 Master Onion.png

Water appears in Pikmin Sunshine as a hazard that creeps up a Pikmin's stem to engulf the entire body, causing it to panic. Also, water can be found in water bodies. Only Blue Pikmin are resistant to it.

  • Water body icon.png Water body – a pool of water.
  • Rainwisp icon.png Rainwisp – a flying creature that carries a drop of water at the base of its body.
  • P3 Skeeterskate icon.png Skeeterskate – an aquatic enemy capable of spitting water from afar.
  • P3 Watery Blowhog icon.png Watery Blowhog – an enemy that can blow streams of water.

In Pikmin V

Pikmin V icon.png
Pikmin V banner.png
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin V, a fanon game created by En Passant.
Pikmin V icon.png

Water in its two forms return in Pikmin V, where water as an attack has been made more dangerous. The water droplet on a Pikmin now weighs it down; it will first be knocked over as if hit by wind and can only be called once it starts flailing around afterward, looking similar to how Pikmin flail in Pikmin 2. Obstacle sources of water droplets have also been introduced, in the form of leaky pipes or stalactites that drip water into puddles below. Leaky pipes may be attached to a valve that can be used to turn them off. Bodies of water remain unchanged, except that Winged Pikmin now lift objects from the bottom and therefore can't lift partially-submerged objects. Both forms of water are introduced before Blue Pikmin, making them a more considerable problem at first.


In Pikmin X: Deep Freeze

Pikmin X Deep Freeze icon.png
Pikmin X: Deep Freeze
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin X: Deep Freeze, a fanon game created by DrTapeworm.
Pikmin X Deep Freeze icon.png

Water is a hazard that makes a return in Pikmin X: Deep Freeze. While normal water returns, there is also a new variation known as polluted water. Polluted water is a sludgy green and brown, indicating that it is full of pollutants, and occupies pools and rivers in the Defiled Grounds. Polluted water is too toxic for even Blue Pikmin to swim in, and they will drown in it just like any other Pikmin type; in addition, even if they are rescued in time, Pikmin will lose their flowers if they touch polluted water. Leaders will also move much slower in polluted water compared to regular water; this can be nullified if the Anti-Corrosion Armor has been collected. Polluted water is often found connected to filtration devices that will turn it into regular water, making it relatively safe to touch. Moss Pikmin can also safely walk on top of polluted water by freezing it.

In Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs

Adorable Breadbug.png
Breadbugs are invading!
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
Adorable Breadbug.png

Water appears in Pikmin: Attack of the Breadbugs. In addition to being of a tolerable temperature, water can be cold, such as that in the Arctic Territory. Cold water is covered in a layer of frost and has bits of ice floating on its surface, and Pikmin that touch it will become chilled and move slowly until they warm up again. While Blue Pikmin can survive exposure to cold water, Cyan Pikmin are unaffected by its chilling properties.

In Pikmin: Colorful Journey

Pikmin: Colorful Journey
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Colorful Journey, a fanon game created by EpicBreadbug.
Water The icon used to represent this hazard.
Obstacles Water geyser
Resistance P4 Blue Pikmin icon.png P4 Glow Pikmin icon.png P2 Bulbmin juvenile icon.png

Water is the most common hazard in Pikmin: Colorful Journey, appearing in all areas and many caves. It is resisted by Blue Pikmin as well as the Bulbmin and Glow Pikmin.

  • Obstacles

In Pikmin: Exotic World

Pikmin: Exotic World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Exotic World, a fanon game created by Fishe.

Water is a hazard in Pikmin: Exotic World. Not only does it appear in its standard fresh form, but it also appears as saltwater, which Blue Pikmin can not survive in. However, Saltwater Pikmin can resist saltwater.

In Pikmin: Infection in Progress

P3 Vehemoth Phosbat.png
Pikmin: Infection in Progress
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Infection in Progress, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
P3 Vehemoth Phosbat.png

In Pikmin: Infection in Progress, water appears polluted and can be of a normal or low temperature. Cold water, which appears only at Noxious Tundra, chills and eventually freezes Pikmin that enter it, even Blue Pikmin, ensuring their demise if they are not rescued soon enough.

In Pikmin: Spark

HP Sparklium seed.png
Pikmin: Spark
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Spark, a fanon game created by Glubbfubb.
HP Sparklium seed.png

In Pikmin: Spark, water is an extremely common hazard that only Blue Pikmin can safely navigate. Water usually takes the form of a body of water but several enemies and obstacles utilize this hazard.

New water-related obstacles include:

  • Giant bubble: large bubbles that burst into water when touched.
  • Water sprinkler: devices that sprinkle water into a circular pattern. The larger variant can't be disabled.
  • Water jet: horizontal jets of water that activate and deactivate in a cycle.
  • Water crack: cracks that suddenly form in the earth and scatter water.
  • Water pod: plants that periodically rain water when they burst open.

In Pikmin: Wide World

Pikmin Wide World icon.png
"It's a jungle out there!"
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Wide World, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
Pikmin Wide World icon.png
Obstacles Rain droplet, water geyser, water pool

Water is one of the most common hazards appearing in Pikmin: Wide World, being found in many locations and utilized by a broad range of enemies. It is most common in Arid Oasis and Endless Sea. Blue Pikmin are resistant to water, and so are Blue Bulbmin and Wollymin. They each swim in water in different ways: Blue Pikmin swim using their arms and legs, Blue Bulbmin swim by kicking their webbed feet, and Wollymin swim on the water's surface. Winged Pikmin can fly over water, but will begin drowning if they are knocked into it. Captmin have partial resistance to water, as they can walk into a pool of water or get hit by it without harm so long as their faces are not exposed to it. Although they are related to Blue Pikmin, Green Pikmin are not resistant to water and will begin drowning in much the same way as most other Pikmin when exposed to it. Leaders can not drown and can not be hurt by water, although water-based attacks from enemies may push them around or knock them down. The Artificial Flippers allow leaders to swim in water. Because movement in water creates ripples, leaders, Pikmin, and even some enemies can be pushed around by it if the force is strong enough. Water can also be splashed around, which can be dangerous for inapt Pikmin, even ones on dry land.

Acid that falls into a body of water will be diluted by it and be rendered harmless, and water that falls into a body of acid will be diluted in much the same way. Enemies that are engulfed in flames can be extinguished when exposed to water, although usually it is partial and will not extinguish the parts of the creatures that are not submerged, necessitating the use of Red Pikmin. Some enemies that utilize electricity can electrify a body of water for as long as the two hazards remain in contact, which can have a multitude of effects, including, but not limited to: enemies in the water being severely injured or killed; leaders suffering heavy damage and being unable to move unless they are wearing the Anti-Electrifier; and lastly, any Pikmin that are drowning becoming paralyzed and inevitably dying. Some enemies that utilize ice can freeze water. Oil that is secreted over water will remain there and can be a particularly clingy and dangerous hazard, even for aquatic Pikmin.

Water can affect enemies in a variety of ways, and some enemies are only found in, on, or around water. Additionally, water, depending on its depth, can be beneficial, disadvantageous, or outright lethal to some enemies depending on their size and physiology, though some larger enemies are entirely unaffected by water in that they are not slowed by it nor can they realistically drown in it. Most aquatic enemies are harmless when forced out of the water, onto dry land, but they are still capable of flopping around to reenter a body of water if they can make it into one before they suffocate. Some aquatic enemies, however, can and will leap out of the water to eat Pikmin on the shore or above the surface. Some enemies are semiaquatic and are capable of surviving underwater, partially or wholly. Many land-treading enemies are unable to swim, and, depending on their size and the depth of a given pool of water, may begin to drown and eventually perish if they can not escape. Those that can swim will do so. Some enemies live on the water's surface but aren't themselves aquatic. Airborne enemies can float over water and are usually buoyant enough to float on the surface should they be weighted down, though some will be forced to swim, if they can, to dry land. Most mechanical enemies are entirely resistant to water, and some, like the Yellow Wollybot, can swim across the surface.

Aquatic Cannon Grubs launch water-filled bubbles that burst upon hitting the ground, splashing water in the immediate vicinity. Caustic Dweevils release a shower of water from their body in self-defense. Fountain Crawmads spew streams of water at distant prey. Lesser Bubblimps and Greater Bubblimps are enveloped by bubbles of either water or acid. Skeeterskates and their relative, the Icewater Skeeterskate, spit balls of water at nearby Pikmin and leaders. Rainwisps release a drop of water onto Pikmin and leaders they fly over. Reef Blowhogs push underwater Pikmin and leaders around by blowing water at them. Splashing Skutterchucks splash Pikmin and leaders with water. Telescoping Pumphogs and Stone Pumphogs can shoot either fire or water. Watery Blowhogs and Watery Blowlets can spew water from their trunk, either in a steady stream or in bursts. Goolixes can freely enter a body of water and often use it to disguise themselves, but Chemical Goolixes and Nectar Goolixes that attempt this will respectively be gradually damaged or be killed instantly. The Grimacing Cremblub drools frequently, and it poses a drowning hazard. The Luring Slurker may suck up water and turn it into ice, which it lobs at its attackers. The Plasm Wraith may eject an Elemental Plasm that transforms into a giant bubble of water. Lastly, The Titan Dweevil, as one of its four hazard-based attacks, may turn blue before unleashing a massive torrent of water from its body. Although its name may suggest it is made of water, the Waterwraith's body can be safely touched by any Pikmin type.

Lily pads are always found on the water's surface and move along with the water's current if there is one. Weeping Posies release water when they are harmed. Blobs of black nectar, nectar, and spray nectar that fall into water will be diluted by it and disappear. Ultra-hot spray cannot be used underwater and, when used, cannot penetrate the water's surface. Every type of bomb rock, with the sole exceptions of mines and mine rocks, will become largely inoperative when exposed to water that submerges half the explosive. They can be thrown at enemies to inflict much damage but shatter after one use, making them somewhat like single-use rocks. The blast power and radius of a mine are the same regardless of whether it is on dry land or underwater, and mine rocks are much more effective underwater than on dry land. Clogs can be destroyed to drain a body of water. Water geysers and escape geysers eject a constant stream of water that propel leaders and Pikmin upward, although most need to be unclogged or activated before they can be used. Flukeweed dams are found above water and must be moved out of the way to allow lily pads to move a certain direction. Rain results in the formation of rain droplets, which collect on certain surfaces and can pose a drowning hazard to Pikmin they fall on.