Captain Pikmin

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Captain Pikmin
Family Pikmin

The Captain Pikmin is a species of Pikmin that can command other Pikmin.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin 4: The World to Free

Pikmin 4: The World to Free
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 4: The World to Free, a fanon game created by New Pikminjp.
Captain Pikmin
P4TWtF Captain Pikmin.jpg
Name Captain Pikmin
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Eye color Black
Hair color N/A
Home planet PNF-404
Known related characters None

Captain Pikmin is a leader appearing in Pikmin 4: The World to Free. He is a vastly intelligent Pikmin that has much knowledge of PNF-404's explorers.


Personal entry (post-story)

My name is Captain Tay Pikmin. I'm the six-hundred-thirtieth king to be passed down by generations of our Pikmin family. One thing I must tell that's a bit embarrassing is that we creatures were nameless for eighty-nine billion years. It was finally when a creative one, who was named Olimar, finally came up with a name we now can pass down for the next eight-nine billion years. He inspired me to create new designs for my ship and our Onions, which, by the way, were also named by him. I feel guilty for ripping off his own ship's name a bit and calling it the S.S. Chlorophyllia. What, I thought it fit. I managed to learn the language of the two worlds, Hocotate and Koppai, that visited our planet in the past, thanks to their leftover gear. The gear I happened to find carried a device to help read their language, and thanks to the brains of our group, we decoded the language and we then started to use it. Well, we tried, but our young fellows had yet to learn their complicated language. The KopPad is what it's called, correct? Yes, that helped us get to know them better as well, especially the Koppaites. Who knew that the planets not far from our solar system would have such knowledge and technology. I'm quite surprised by it myself. It did not take too long to understand them thanks to their similar speech. However, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself on our positive history, hah, am I not? Well, sadly, years ago, I had a wife. Her name was Queen Garaqa Pikmin. While I was busy, she asked me if she could return to our planet and take care of some business, and I just carelessly said yes and dropped her off. When I returned to pick her up, she was gone and we only could assume she was dead. We hoped and prayed, but nothing happened. I couldn't sleep for nights knowing my own carelessness killed my own wife. We had a funeral after seven days of search, but something didn't feel right and I don't know what it was. But maybe, just maybe, could she be actually alive? Unless we find her, we may never know. I just wish for the best and the best we can actually do is not to fall and wither in this moment of sadness but to stand up bright and do as we must. That is what she would have liked us to do after all. I miss her so much.