Cat Pikmin

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Cat Pikmin
Family Pikmin

The Cat Pikmin is a species of Pikmin with feline-like features.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: A Son's Quest

Pikmin: A Son's Quest
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: A Son's Quest, a fanon game created by StarWolf.
Cat Pikmin The icon used to represent this Pikmin.
Cat Pikmin.png
Resistance Falling
Attack High
Mobility High
Throw Average
Digging speed Average
Carrying capacity 1
Candypop Unknown

Cat Pikmin are a type of Pikmin appearing in Pikmin: A Son's Quest. They have a cat-like appearance, having orange fur with lighter-colored markings, a long tail, reflective yellow eyes, whiskers, small ears, and a small nose. Their flower looks like a tiger lily. Cat Pikmin are highly versatile, able to survive in almost any type of weather condition, excluding the most extreme, and able to balance on narrow ledges and pathways using their tail. As well, their highly reflective eyes allow them to be seen more easily in dark caves or at sundown. Cat Pikmin are more damaging than most other Pikmin types due in no small part to their sharp claws. Unlike other breeds of Pikmin, Cat Pikmin are highly independent of leaders. Outside of carrying, they work best in smaller groups of around fifteen individuals and without supervision. They also occasionally ignore the whistles of leaders. Cat Pikmin and Wolf Pikmin do not get along well and may fight against one another, potentially resulting in several Pikmin deaths if not quelled soon enough.