Cliff Cave

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Cliff Cave is the seventh cave in Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet. It is embedded into the walls of The Warfield, and is ancient themed, like Grit Grotto.

Sublevel 1


The three different blowhog types on this sublevel are easily taken care of, if you use the right kind of Pikmin. Use reds for the Fiery Blowhogs, yellows for the Voltage Blowhogs, and blues for the Watery Blowhogs. The hole appears once the Blowhogs are defeated.

Sublevel 2


A long strech of ruins and hallways, this floor is a maze. You start in one of the corners of this maze. In the center is the hole.

Sublevel 3

This sublevel is unusual, as it mostly takes place on an outside cliff. There are no enemies, just a Queen Candypop Bud and some eggs. Another unusual thing about this floor is if your clock is set to 6:00pm, a spectacular sunset occurs here.

Sublevel 4


This Sublevel introduces Golem Blowhogs, which are Blowhogs made out of stone. Since they are synthetic, they cannot blow out anything. Instead, they charge at Pikmin, killing them. They also have a larger amount of health than normal ones. Once one of the Blowhogs is dead, the hole opens up.

Sublevel 5


The penultimate sublevel is a large maze filled with fire geysers, electric nodes, and small puddles. What makes it even worse is the fact that a Stone Bulborb roams around the maze, and you must defeat it to move on. Take the hazards as they come, and as soon as you defeat the Stone Bulborb, a gate opens up in the back of the maze. Behind it is a set of stairs to take you down to the final sublevel.

Sublevel 6 (Final Floor)


An Armored Cannon Beetle serves as the boss of this cave, and it can crush your entire army with one boulder. Stay on the move, and throw Pikmin into it's blowhole. Afterwords, throw Pikmin onto it's exposed backside. Your award is a frying pan which lets your captains resist fire. Nice!