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The Bulblaxian War
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Curious Cove is the first hole at Base Camp, and is the first cave overall in Pikmin: The Bulblaxian War. It mainly serves as a tutorial level for caves, with minimal enemies. It is necessary to go through this cave, as it holds the Central Mosaic. There are 3 treasures, with a total value of 800 pokos. This is also the cave where Purple Pikmin can be found.

Ship's Notes

"Who would've thought that a cave would be here! Hmm? What's this? It would seem as though the enemy may have something of importance here..."

Sublevel 1

This floor is a small, U shaped room. You start at one end with the hole at the other end. Along the path is the Square Porthole, and then three dwarf green bulborbs.

Sublevel 2

The hole starts out in a small clearing with a curved tunnel to another clearing. In the tunnel is the Shiny Masterpiece, and in the clearing is a Green Bulborb holding the Central Mosaic. Be careful - this one can breathe fire! After that is a rusted metal u-turn, leading to a larger clearing where three Violet Candypop Buds are. This is where you get Purple Pikmin. Beyond that is the exit geyser.


Area Map

Curious Cove.png