Cyan Power Parasite

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Cyan Power Parasite
Family Powerasite

The Cyan Power Parasite is a species powerasite that imbues its hosts with the hazard of ice.

User versions

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KirbyRider's version

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Cyan Power Parasite The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Antileechus kelvus
Family Powerasite
Carry weight 1
Max. carriers 1
Seed worth 5
Poko value P2 Poko icon.png × 4
Attacks Empowers enemies

The Cyan Power Parasite is a special powerasite that can imbue its host with a liquid nitrogen veil, freezing anything that gets too close except for Cyan Pikmin. The host of a Cyan Power Parasite can freeze water merely by touching it, allowing it to easily cross bodies of water.


Olimar's notes

The cyan power parasite's weapon is liquid nitrogen, like cellular reactivity to the red power parasite. Its cold crystals inside it are truncated cubic. Hocotations report that this small beast gave each one of them a brain freeze! Oops!

Louie's notes

Must be cooked for one hour, when it turns greenish-brown with color residue. If eaten raw, it freezes its eater.