Dark Moon

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Ultimate Doom, a fanon game created by Zoadra.
Dark Moon
Krypton Crater.png
Hazards Explosions, Water, Sand, Poison, Acid, Sticky, Electricity, Fire, Ice, Kryptonite

Dark Moon is the final area in Pikmin: Ultimate Doom, and thereby the most difficult. The area is the largest in scale, and has a myriad of traps and hazards, yet only has Kryptonite enemies. This unique theme in aesthetics and in enemies makes for a grand final area experience.


Initial Visit

Olimar and Louie attempt to land on the surface, but Thinker raises alarms. He warns the captains that a highly corrosive essence is plaguing the surface. It is possibly deadly, only found on Krypton, and thus Olimar dubs it 'Kryptonite'.

To complete Krypton, eradicate the Kryptonite threat. Every Kryptonite Shelter will need to be destroyed, and the Kryptonite-crazed bosses slain. Once these tasks are complete, the ancient Duron deity Wraith will ascend from space, thrusting his legendary blade Moonbane into the moon. The moon will shake and rumble as it collapses, piece by piece. Olimar and Louie go to board the Trailblazer, happy a solution to the Kryptonite problem is found. But a terrible shriek is heard that sends shock waves through Krypton. The moon actually has an active core made of pure Kryptonite energy! It grasps Wraith's Moonbane and corrupts his soul. The Heroic Moonslayer Deity reduced to a foul servant of the Kryptonite plague, named Kryptowraith. But his godlike power isn't reduced by much! Olimar and co must defeat this terrifying corrupted god of towering proportions on a crumbling moon, fields of green dust and sludge reaching out like tendrils. After he is reduced to ashes, the moon becomes unstable and enters the Void.

Olimar can see the cold stare of the void again. Almost... closer now. Moonbane vanishes, leaving a big hole, no doubt full of deadly creatures. Olimar and co enter this as the final dungeon: Inclement Night.