Death Palace

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Death Palace is an alternate version of the Palace in Pikmin: The World War. It is known for its extreme difficulty and consists of an entrance hall, court, endless hallway, and arena.


Olimar after coming from the Beach, notices this barrel-like thing. Olimar jumps into it, not knowing what it is. It shoots him and a few Pikmin back to the Palace, however this time it is creepy looking. Olimar then finds a sign that reads "Welcome to Death Palace, you come in, you die". Without hesitation, Olimar went into Death Palace. In the final subarea of Death Palace, he notices a rainbow Pikmin with red eyes, but that's not all. It was huge! Olimar decided to get his Pikmin and battle that monster. After a big fight, he finally defeats it, thus resulting in the strange Pikmin dying. Olimar notices a door and opens it and he is in another place...