Pikmin: The World War

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Pikmin: The World War
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The World War, a fanon game created by E the pikmin leader.
Pikmin: The World War
PTWW box art.jpg
Rating E
Genre Action, adventure, strategy, role-play
Platforms Wii U
Media Nintendo optical disc
Publisher Pikmin Fanon
Prequel Pikmin: A New World
Creator E the pikmin leader

Pikmin: The World War is a Pikmin video game for the Wii U. It received a rating of 8.63/10 from IGN because the graphics could have been improved and there was an insufficient amount of characters.


Olimar and the President return from the Pikmin planet after a hard day's work collecting treasures to repay the huge debt. Olimar has just returned to his home and his loving family. But suddenly, he gets a call from his boss, telling him to report to his company office immediately. Olimar, apparently not able to rest for ten seconds, rushes to the President's office. "Look at this, Olimar," his boss said. He takes a look through one of the cameras he put on the planet to keep his studies intact and he is puzzled, then frightened to see that Pikmin were fighting pitch-black creatures in a weird palace full of darkness. Even more strange was a purple-bodied, red-eyed Pikmin fighting alongside the enemies. Without hesitation, Olimar rushes to Louie's house, grabs him, and heads to the spaceship, blasting off straight for the Pikmin Planet.



To do: The indented items could just be mentioned on the areas' main pages, as they are subareas.
  • Palace
    • Palace Court – Olimar crashlands here. Death Palace's first subarea is highly similar to this one, though Death Palace's is much more difficult.
    • Palace Hallways – corridors best known for the puzzles they contain. Tornado Pikmin are introduced here.
    • Palace Recreation Rooms – recreation rooms that have many different types of games in them, such as pool and chess.
    • Palace Warzone – where the first boss battle occurs. It is difficult, and against a large Clanking Pikmin.
  • Warzone – a dark arena-like place known for its difficulty. It has a stadium, safe zone, enemy base, and arena.
  • Grasslands – a desert-like area known for the strategy involved in completing it.
    • Lake
    • Swamp
    • High Grass Town
    • Hot Grass
  • Beach
    • Palm Tree Forest
    • Beach Houses
    • Beach Warzone
  • Death Palace
    • Arena
  • Another Planet
    • Final War


  • WiiU LStick.png – Move
  • WiiU A.png – Pluck Pikmin
  • WiiU B.png – Punch
  • WiiU X.png – Jump