Electrical Tower

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The Electrical Tower is a structure found in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It is found in the Garden of Sadness and cannot be found until Orange Pikmin are found. It is 7 stories/floors tall and has the fire, water, and of course, electric hazards. 3 Hocotate files are found here.

Sub-level 1

The entrance floor. It has four rooms circling an elevator. The elevator can not be accessed until the elevator key is found. Many pools of water and hanging wires, still with electrical surges coming from them are here. An Electric Bulborb carries the elevator key. Somewhere on a ledge is where a Hocotate File is found.

Sub-level 2

There are three rooms here. Many fire geyser blasting fire from the walls are here. At the back of the north room is the staircase to the next floor.

Sub-level 3

A spiralling staircase, almost exactly like the one in Practice Cave, except longer and there are hazards on the way up.

Sub-level 4

Another elevator floor There are five rooms and one of them holds a Hocotate File beneath a pool of water. A Conducting Wollywog holds the elevator key.

Sub-level 5

A very dangerous level for non-yellow Pikmin. Electrical barriers are at every turn, so have tons of yellows with you.

Sub-level 6

The final elevator floor. Many test tubes with weird creatures are everywhere. Some are cracked so water is spraying out of them. Some dangling wires are in these pools, making any Pikmin that enters them die. The creature that holds the elevator key is random each time this floor is accessed.

Sub-level 7

The final sub-level. This one is strange, as it takes place in the elevator you entered on the previous floor. When rising up, the Electric Infectinite falls and you fight it. After the battle, you arrive on the roof where a Hocotate File awaits.

Enemies Encountered


  • The Electrical Tower is based off a similar tower that appears in the game Mother 3 called Thunder Tower.