Electro Groink

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Electro Groink
Family Shot-fish

The Electro Groink is a species of shot-fish that shoots electricity.

In fanon games

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In Pikspore

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikspore, a fanon game created by DrTapeworm.
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Electro Groink The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Megaplod craxicirria
Family Shot-fish
Caves Infantile Fortress, Magma Mantle, Challenger's Cavern, Final Frost, Flashing Frenzy, Ultimate Arena
Carry weight 10
Max. carriers 20
Seed worth 25
Poko value P2 Poko icon.png × 10
Attacks Fires electric mortars

The Electro Groink is a relative of the Gatling Groink appearing in Pikspore. It is green in color with long spiky tentacles, looking more like an octopus than a goldfish, and its footsteps sound like clashing cymbals. It has three cannons from which it can shoot deadly electric arcs that travel in a straight line. The projectiles also explode in a shower of painful sparks upon colliding with a solid target.