Challenger's Cavern

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Challenger's Cavern is the first cave in Darkness Plateau. It is a very difficult, long cave with almost all of the enemies in the game living in it, but there are many treasures inside. It has 16 sublevels.


Sublevel 1

This sublevel seems peaceful at first, but once you step out of the Research Pod's light, things will turn ugly. Burrowing monsters live everywhere in this sublevel. There are two treasures here.


Sublevel 2

A large sublevel with a tiled appearance. There are four rooms connected by maze-like passages, as well as several Blowhogs. There are three treasures here. Watch out for the pools of acid!


Sublevel 3

The entire sublevel is like a big slope, with boulders rolling down occasionally. You always start in a safe room at the bottom. The enemies here often fall from the ceiling, so watch out! There is only one treasure here.


Sublevel 4

This sublevel is similar to the previous one, but there is a large portion at the bottom. The slope is much steeper, so you must throw Pikmin onto the platforms sticking out and then use the small geysers to follow them. No boulders roll down the slope, but sometimes they'll fall from the ceiling. There are two treasures here.


Sublevel 5

A maze-like sublevel floating above a bottomless void. It's full of dangerous bomb-rocks and electric traps, so be careful. There are three treasures here.


Sublevel 6

A rest level, with some eggs and candypop buds. It's simple in its layout, and has no treasures.


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