Fields of Dormancy

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Pikmin: New World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: New World, a fanon game created by Electroatopos.

The fifth out of eight areas in the game Pikmin: New World. It symbolizes snow and cold as its form of weather. It is actually the remains of the Frontier Cavern except it has been brought up to the surface by the unseen major erosion event that had swept over the pikmin planet. It is ontop of a large, snow-covered tree that stands beside a wooden fence and several small shrubs and bushes, suggesting that it is in someone's backyard, though there is no visible house. It is perched at the very top of the tree and in the center of a pile of snow. The music is relaxing a plays a christmas like tune. There is no wind or breeze at all here and no snow falling either. The entire place is apparently frozen in time and completely sterile. There are numerous water or ice-based enemies here and frozen ivy and margarets half embedded in the snow and ice dot the motionless landscape. Some of this area's enemies are even themed off of those from the ice age. This is also the only area in the entire game where there is mistletoe. There are also plant bulbs and in some places what appears to be broken christmas ornaments and lights. There are also other numerous objects in the scenery that lay in the snow broken or smashed. These include remote controls for toy cars, gears, toy helicopters, springs, a toy truck and an assorted jumble of parts from other toy vehicles. This further supports that it is the Frontier Cavern in that the parts are supposedly the remnants of the treasures in the cave. the area also has many hot-spots beneath the layer of snow that allow for numerous creatures to inhabit its many caves. Its tresures are a continuation of the cave's original christmas-based treasures.



  • Luster Orb
  • Wax Torch
  • Coniferous Mimicry
  • Precushionist Delight
  • Traditional Sacrifice
  • Blue-Ball
  • Silver Streaker
  • Spiritual Guide
  • Element of Surprise
  • Pom Head
  • Sagging Moral
  • Jingle Ball
  • Extraterrestrial Signaler
  • Frosted Aquarium
  • Lemon Shell
  • Tubular Decoration
  • Hanging Nova
  • Shredded Puzzle
  • Polar Foot
  • Loot Stockpile
  • Glitter Sphere
  • Booty Vault
  • Intercepted Message
  • Liquid Steak
  • Spirited Roast
  • Mini Box


  • Empire of Lichen
  • Snagret Cavern
  • Hole of Stone
  • Groan Cave
  • Giant's Jungle
  • Makemake's Playground