Infected Hocotate

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Infected Hocotate is the sixth area in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure. It is the first area without any Hocotate files needed to be found. When you first visit this area, you cannot bring any Pikmin, because they cannot breathe the Hocotation air.


When all the Hocotate Files are collected, the S.S. Dolphin Junior downloads the path to return to Hocotate. Sagittarius bids farewell to his Pikmin, and flies off soon after thinking his adventure is over. But when he returns, he is in for a surprise...

After defeating his clone, Sagittarius finds an unfinished machine that transforms Hocotation air into oxygen! He quickly takes it back to the S.S. Dolphin Junior to finish it.

Before long the machine is done and known as the Hoco Air Filter. Sagittarius returns to the Pikmin planet and supplies the machine to his Pikmin to allow them to breathe on Hocotate. He and is army return to Infected Hocotate.

Sagittarius beats Balim once again and he quickly leaves to Olimar's House! Sagittarius and his army chases after him.

They arrive at the house and fight the Infection King. It appears that the adventure is over but Balim reveals his true plans and teleports to his castle. Tracking him down with the new-found Creature Tracker, Sagittarius flies after him to the final area.

Pikmin Found

  • N/A


Subarea 1: Hocotate Freight

The landing area. It is a large, infected industrial place that designs ships. Olimar used to work here. It is dangerous at the start because you don't have any Pikmin, so avoid all enemies in site. Across the street to the south is the Landfill subarea, and from the street to the east is the Downtown subarea.

Subarea 2: Landfill

A giant hill of trash and junk. Many sharp objects are around here and can quickly kill you if you are not careful. At the top of the hill of trash is the first hole ever that lets you enter it without any Pikmin. To the north is the road. Heading east from there leads to the Downtown subarea.

Subarea 3: Downtown

A large, infected and rundown area. Many skyscrapers, shops, hotels and apartment buildings are found here, covered in the black substance of infection. Infected Hocotations run rampant around here, but try not to kill them even if they try to hurt you. One of the buildings is open for exploration. Continuing east leads you to the Neighbourhood subarea.

Subarea 4: Neighbourhood

A quiet living space. Many houses are open for exploration, but have Infected Hocotations in them, so be careful. At the end of a paved path to the north is where your adventure all began.

Holes, Caves, and Structures

Hole/Cave/Structure Name Subarea Floors Pikmin Discovered? Bosses
Trash-Filled Hole Landfill 3 N/A Sagittarius Clone
Industrial Cave Downtown 5 N/A Balim, Infected Libra
Olimar's House Neighbourhood 2 N/A Infection King

Enemies Encountered