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Appearance in Pikmin 2.

Hocotate is a pink-colored planet with some blue and green patches, two intersecting planetary rings, and two moons, one red and one gray. Stars are visible from the planet's surface during the daytime, behind any clouds that may be present, indicating a very transparent atmosphere. The green and blue coloring of the planet likely indicates part of it is covered with plant life and water, but at least part of the planet is desert-like, and a portion of the planet is occupied by a swamp. Hot springs are also present, indicating that geothermally heated water exists in the planet's crust, and there is at least one beach, suggesting that the planet has at least one ocean. Hocotate Freight appears to be in or near a built-up area, which suggests that at least some of Hocotate may be densely populated. Hocotate is famous for its pikpik carrots, has a multitude of plants, including vegetables, and animals living on it, and is said to be quite close to Koppai.

Hocotatians are the dominant species of Hocotate and have superior intelligence. Physically, Hocotatians are small and have a humanoid shape, a large head-to-body ratio, large noses, broad, pointed ears, a modest amount of hair on their heads, and eyes that change shape to show emotions and accommodate their normally-invisible eyebrows. They are capable of efficient extraterrestrial exploration and interaction and use extremely advanced technology. Their primary means of communication is speech, and they are able to read and write. Oxygen is incredibly toxic to them.

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In Pikmin: Ultimate Doom

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Hocotate is a planet in Pikmin: Ultimate Doom.

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Hocotate is in the same solar system as Giya, Maxima, Mihama, and Flukuey. The land gets quite hot in spring and especially in summer. The atmosphere is said to be a buildup of metal and Hocotanium, causing the sky to be a dark purple during the day. The animals in the planet's seas are similar to some long-since extinct animals on PNF-404 like dolphins and orcas. The planets closest planets to Hocotate are Mihama and Flukuey.

The people of Hocotate are usually quite short to the natives of some other planets. They do not grow a lot of hair and have heavily dilated pupils. Younger children usually have less dilated eyes until reaching puberty. Most Hocotatians are vegetarians.

Hocotate is known for business and beautiful "treasure" making. Most of their ships are traded from places like Koppai, which is in the same solar system as Neechki, Ohri, Wyamhoming, and Koodgio.