Ionpid family

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Ionpids appear in Pikmin Chronicles and its soon-to-be-released sequel, "Pikfiction". They can be found in the Spiral Tail's Islands. They cannot kill Pikmin but can deflower them by slapping them with their tails. They are capable of damaging the captains by "gumming" them with their toothless jaws.

The ionpid family consists of fish-like creatures that can survive in both fresh and salt water, as well as on land, where they are not as mobile. They are inspired by real-world lungfish, which are also fish that can breathe air and move on land. Moreover, the family's name, ionpid, is the inverted spelling of Dipnoi, the order the lungfish is part of.


Albino Ionpid

Albino Ionpid.png
Main article: Albino Ionpid

The most common of the ionpid family. It is white in color with blotches of light green all over it and has dark red eyes.

Dark Ionpid

Main article: Dark Ionpid

The larger enemy of its family. It is an ionpid that has been infused with radiation. It has sharp teeth and will eat Pikmin, as well as cause more damage to the captains than other ionpids. It also swims faster. The noises that Dark Ionpids make when they are not moving sound just like Jabu-Jabu's breathing from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Spiked Ionpid

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A slightly smaller and skinnier member of the ionpid family. It is yellowish-green, with a very slight hint of brown. It is covered in spikes that deflect all attacks. The only way to kill these creatures is to use bomb rocks or to attack their faces.