Lava Lagoon

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Lava Lagoon is the fourth area visited in Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet. Orange Pikmin are discovered here.


Lava Lagoon is an extremely volcanic area, which is divided into three distinct subareas.

Subarea 1: Tundra Plains

This section is where the landing site is, and the section is mostly open tundra. This is where the easier enemies are, such as Fiery Blowhogs and Red Bulborbs.

Subarea 2: Lava Lagoon

This subarea contains the titular lava lagoon, which is like a body of water that only Red Pikmin can cross. Captains can't even touch it until they get the treasure from Crag Cavern. There is a large island in the middle. When you reach it, you can build a bridge to the Tundra Plains. The Maroon Maze is located on the island.

Subarea 3: Mountain Range

This subarea has mountainous terrain, and at the farthest corner of it is a volcano. The Lava Labrynth is located at the top of the volcano. There are tough enemies lurking around here, such as Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae and Charcoal Wollywogs.



  • Cloudy- normal conditions
  • Fire Rain- only Red Pikmin can come outside