Little Hole

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Pikmin Extinction
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Extinction, a fanon game created by Pikmin mania.
Little Hole
Sublevels 2
Treasures 1
Hazards None

The Little Hole is the first cave in Pikmin Extinction that consists of two sublevels and has one treasure. Neither of its sublevels are randomly generated.

Sublevel 1


Two Dwarf Red Bulborb are found at the start, and two Fuzzy Bulborbs are in a small chamber where the hole is located at the back.

Sublevel 2

  • Pikmin Gem

This sublevels consists of the main chamber where two Iuer Bulborbs are, a small chamber where a Dwarf Red Bulborb is, and a neighboring chamber that contains five more Iuer Bulborbs and the Pikmin Gem.