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This article and/or image relates to the non-canon game, Pikmin: Advanced Online, created by Bulbminlead101, Switch and Switch Lite version made by Ryanlam123456.


Molten is a Red Pikmin, main character, and guide in Pikmin: Advanced Online. He wears a cloak of oily Fiery Bulblax hide. He is also the leader of the player's Onion and serves as the guide in the game. Molten is voiced by Bulbminlead101. He owns a chunk of adamantite, a green crystal perched on his shoulder. Molten's personality reveals that although he is very laid back, he proves to be very inventive. Molten can often be seen in his office, filling out forms and awaiting the player's arrival to offer help. He has been ruling the Red Pikmin for about 3.5 Pikmin years. He is known for building technology capable of things the Pikmin were unable to do before.

List of inventions

Weapons safe


Carrier rocket