Onion Cave

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Pikmin SP
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin SP, a fanon game created by SilvaPik.
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Onion Cave
Location Quietbreeze Valley
Sublevels 2
Treasures Slab of Justice, Incredible Tart, Truth Idol, Metal Lover

The Onion Cave is the first cave in Pikmin SP, and the start to your grand adventure. This cave has two floors and four treasures. It is entered on day two, and when it is completed, the day ends.

Floor 1

When you enter the first floor, you see 2 Snow Bulborbs in the middle of the passageway. Take them out, then move along the passage, killing any bulborbs you come across. As you walk along the tunnel, you find a circular room with a Red Bulborb in the center, a hole you can take to the next floor, two more Snow Bulborbs, and a treasure, the Slab of Justice. Carry that back, then be careful when attacking the Snow Bulborbs. There is a chance that they may wake the Red Bulborb when they whine after death. Assuming you took care of the Snow Bulborbs without waking the Red Bulborb, you can finally attack her. Defeat the bulborb to get another treasure, the Incredible Tart. Carry back that treasure, then, enter the hole to get to the next floor.

Floor 2

Here you arrive at the final floor. A Red Bulborb lies in wait near the ship's pod, so take it out before it has the chance to wreak havoc. When you're done with him, take the left passageway first, because the left has a nice surprise waiting for you. When you finally reach the end of the hall, you come upon a circular room with Purple Pikmin. There are two Violet Candypop Buds here. The onion is there too, and another surprise: there is a treasure! Swap some Red Pikmin for some Purple Pikmin, then grab the Truth Idol. Take it back, then go into the right passageway to fight your very first boss, the Dwarf Long Legs!

This is the easiest boss battle in the game. Its attack happens when you throw Pikmin to damage it. He will shake off your Pikmin, then run around, hitting his head off the ground in an attempt to kill Pikmin. It is very easy to dodge this attack, you just have to get back into the passage until he stops rampaging. Repeat this process until he explodes and gives you a special treasure, the Metal Lover. This item will give you the Treasure Guage. After obtaining this, use the geyser to exit the cave.

Poko total

This cave has a total of 400 Pokos inside it.