Quietbreeze Valley

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Quietbreeze Valley
PSP Quietbreeze Valley map.png
A map of Quietbreeze Valley.
Pikmin discovered Red Pikmin, Purple Pikmin, White Pikmin, Black Pikmin
Caves Onion Cave, Dweevil Den, Tunnel of Winds
Treasures 5

Quietbreeze Valley is the first main area in Pikmin SP. Here, Red Pikmin are found by their Onion. Underground, Purple Pikmin are discovered in the Onion Cave, White Pikmin are found in the Dweevil Den, and Black Pikmin are found in the Tunnel of Winds, the final cave of this area. Also, the area with the Burrowing Snagrets on the map is the place where the Forest Sculpture is found. It is a special treasure that allows access to the next area, Bramble Woods. You cannot collect this treasure until you get Black Pikmin because there is an adhesive gate guarding it. In total, there are five treasures in this area, two of which are buried. Treasures are represented by black stars on the map. Buried treasures are represented by brown stars. The Red Wollywog can only be attacked using Red Pikmin, as other Pikmin will burn if they come in contact with the amphituber's skin.


Olimar's notes

As Louie and I landed on this mysterious planet once again, we saw the vast changes in the landscape. I named this area Quietbreeze Valley because there was a pleasant, warm breeze blowing across the land.