Pikmin: Return of Captain Olimar

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Pikmin: Return of Captain Olimar is a game created by Thechapsman and you can find more about this game on the Youtube channel of thechapsman, and sometimes spinjitzumaster`s channel as well.


The game is about another company from Hocotate finding the Pikmin and taking capturing them. Only the Tan Pikmin is able to escape by hiding in the sand, the first area of the game. Olimar sees one of the other company's ships fly by, full of captured Pikmin. He follows it to the Deadly Desert, which is on the Planet of the Pikmin, and is the place where the Tan Pikmin were hiding. Upon Olimar's arrival in the Deadly Desert, he sees a Red Pikmin being sucked up by what appears to be a flying robotic Bulborb. This creature will bring Pikmin that it has sucked up to the other company's ship.


The number of Pikmin that you can have in the field has been raised from the original 100 Pikmin limit to a whopping 300. The enemies in this game are far more difficult to defeat than in previous games, so they must be approached and attacked more cautiously.