Pikmin: The Huge Debt/Chapter 1

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Pikmin: The Huge Debt
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Huge Debt, a fanon game created by 13pikmar.
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As the last story left off, Olimar and the others were on the enormous ship. Olimar started to explore Suma Dock when he heard a big thump in the ship storage. And then another sounded, continuing until he eventually went to check on it. That is where the game starts, and you will learn some controls to do. When you approach the ship's hull and are about to knock on it, you hear Louie screaming as he falls out of the ship, plummeting to Planet Pikmin! Then the President put on a parachute alongside Sagittarius, and both jumped out after Louie. So as that happened Olimar got in the Dolphin and set off for Flower Garden. As he was landing he was surprised to discover that the Ship had followed him. The ship then started to talk, saying, "Uhhh, what a filthy environment." Olimar my calculations and GPS model say that Louie is over in a different area with your son and the President. "And are those Pikmin?" Then, Olimar looked and there was a group of Red Pikmin attacking a Dwarf Red Bulborb. Once you whistle them to your side the ship tells you to search for the others. You will discover them unconscious, but there will be no sign of the attacker. Once you bring their knocked-out bodies to the ship, the day automatically ends.