Pikmin: The Huge Debt

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Pikmin: The Huge Debt
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Huge Debt, a fanon game created by 13pikmar.
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Pikmin: The Huge Debt
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Rating T
Genre Platformer
Platforms Wii U, PikWii
Media Unknown
Publisher Nintendo
Prequel Pikmin 2
Sequel Pikmin 3
Creator 13pikmar
Collaborators Peach Bulborb

Pikmin: The Huge Debt is a fan-made game created by 13pikmar. The game will be available on Wii U and PikWii, and is someday going to be published by Nintendo.


Pikmin: The Huge Debt takes place five years after Pikmin 2. This story also uses elements from the Buildup Trilogy, including Darkfreeze.

When Captain Olimar returned to Hocotate with Louie and the President, they thought that they were set for life. But knowing that the President was greedy, that was very doubtful. Shortly after, he bought tourist pods and a new very large ship.

Meanwhile, at Olimar's home, he was outside, about to finally publish his findings on all the creatures on the Planet of the Pikmin, when all of a sudden he saw a giant shadow above his house. It was the President's ship, the S.S. Suma. As the President was landing, the wind from the ship blew Olimar's papers away. "Uuuhhh," he sighed.

Then the President got out of the ship and started to talk to Olimar, saying, "Olimar, I have terrible news! We are broke again!" Olimar then whispered, "Wow, what a surprise." The President responded, "What was that?" "Nothing!" Olimar squeaked.

The President continued, "As I was saying, I bought thirty tourist pods and I lost them all on the Pikmin Planet! Plus, we are in debt! I was wondering... Will you come with me and Louie to pay off the debt and rescue the Hocotatians?"

Olimar responded "Okay, as long as my son is allowed to come, as I promised I would take him this time. Oh, and you must let me catalog every species on the Pikmin Planet this time!" "Fine, just help us!" the President demanded.

So, with that said they set off to the Planet of the Pikmin on the S.S. Suma.

Gameplay mechanics

There is a day meter, but the days are fifteen minutes long now. Ten Pikmin or a single Purple Pikmin can uproot a plant.


  • Sunny: Happens most of the time on the planet, with no Pikmin power increase.
  • Cloudy: There is a 1/5 chance of this happening. It is cloudy and not a lot of sunlight shines through. This can be seen in the picture of the area Big Black Rock. Purple Pikmin and Brown Pikmin's power increases.
  • Rainy: There is a 1/10 chance of this happening. It is cloudy and raining With no sunlight shining through. Occasional lightning strikes will occur, if it happens to hit a Captain or Pikmin that is not yellow then it is a one-hit kill. Yellow Pikmin and Blue Pikmin's increases.
  • Fog: There is a 1/40 chance of this happening. The entire area is hard to see. Fog is everywhere and Pikmin trips a lot more.White Pikmin and Black Pikmin's power increases.
  • Windy: There is a 1/60 chance of this happening. It blows on Captains and Pikmin and slows them down. Rock Pikmin and Pink Pikmin's power increases.
  • Snow: There is a 1/110 chance of this happening. It snows over the entire area. Cyan Pikmin's power increases.
  • Acid Rain: There is a 1/500 chance of this happening. It is like regular rain except, Acid comes down. It happens 1/15 of the time. It is not safe for any Pikmin except Green Pikmin to come. Green Pikmin's power increases.
  • Tornado: There is a 1/1000 chance of this happening. Unsafe to come out. The ship will warn you when a tornado is coming. If you stay it will kill all captains on the field, and all Pikmin on the field. On the map, if a tornado is going on, then you can't land in that area.
  • Ash storm: There is a 1/100,000,000 chance of this happening and can only happen on Peril Cliff and Volcanic Island. Red Pikmin and Orange Pikmin's power increases.
  • Dark Rain: There is a 1/100,000,000 chance of this happening. It rains black rain and dark snow. Can only happen in Peril Cliff and Dark Land.


  • Red Pikmin: Resistant to fire, stronger than other Pikmin types, and have learned the ability to save Pikmin who are on fire.
  • Yellow Pikmin: Resistant to electricity, thrown higher, and dig faster.
  • Blue Pikmin: Water-resistant, and rescues drowning Pikmin.
  • Purple Pikmin: Wind resistant, lift and weigh the strength of ten Pikmin, do 3x the damage of a normal Pikmin, and slower.
  • White Pikmin: Immune to poison, faster, can see the buried treasures, poisonous when eaten, and are now half the weight and strength of a normal Pikmin.
  • Bulbmin: Resistant to poison, fire, water, and electricity, do a quarter of the damage of a normal Pikmin, only keepable after you beat the game 100% on hard mode.
  • Black Pikmin: Stickiness resistant, camouflaged in darkness.
  • Green Pikmin: Acid-resistant can be thrown longer than other Pikmin.
  • Winged Pikmin: Fly over obstacles, weaker than other Pikmin, can pull up plants.
  • Rock Pikmin: And can smash through glass and crystal, immune to spikes, immune to crushing, cannot latch on to enemies.
  • Orange Pikmin: Resistant to explosions, very loud, and can wake up enemies easily, will stay at the onion to pluck new Pikmin sprouts.
  • Blue Bulbmin: Resistant to acid, sand, stickiness, and crushing, do a quarter of the damage as a normal Pikmin. Only keepable after the game is 100% completed on normal mode and a new game is started.
  • Golden Bulbmin: Resistant to fire, water, electricity, poison, acid, sand, stickiness, and crushing, only found after the game is 100% completed on Insane Mode and a new game is started.
  • Brown Pikmin: Sand resistant, have knife-like arms to cut vines.
  • Cyan Pikmin: Cold-resistant, when eaten freezes the enemy briefly.





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  • WiiU A.png: Throw Pikmin, punch, pluck Pikmin
  • WiiU B.png: Whistle
  • WiiU X.png: Dismiss Pikmin, hold to lay down
  • WiiU Y.png: Change leaders
  • WiiU LStick.png: Tilt lightly to move cursor, tilt fully to move captain
  • WiiU RStick.png: Swarm Pikmin squad
  • WiiU L.png: Center the camera
  • WiiU R.png: Zoom in/out, hold to zoom down to ground level
  • WiiU ZR.png: Change angle of camera
  • WiiU ZL.png: Hold and move WiiU RStick.png left/right; cycle through Pikmin colors, hold and move analog stick up/down; cycle through Pikmin stages
  • WiiU Pad.png (WiiU Padupdown.png only): Use current sprays
  • Start WiiU Plus.png: Pauses game, enter menus
  • Select WiiU Minus.png: Resumes game, exit menus
Menu controls
Note: Buttons are optional controls, as the menus are accessed via the GamePad.
  • WiiU A.png: Confirm options
  • WiiU B.png: Exit options
  • WiiU R.png: Go to next menu
  • WiiU L.png: Go to previous menu
  • WiiU LStick.png: Select options, pan (only on map menu)
  • WiiU RStick.png: Zoom in/out (only on map menu)