Pikmin: The Huge Debt/Chapter 2

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After the team woke up from their nighttime sleep the president started to speak to olimar. "Olimar, thank you for saving me, the reason I was asleep was that a giant red bulborb stepped on me! Could you find it?" Olimar then said "sure!" Just then Olimar reached over and picked up a donut to eat. Then the president stole the donut and ran, while olimar chased him screaming "Go on a diet! Give me back my donut! Get your own!" So as olimar got his donut back he got on the ship and flew down to Flower Garden. Once you get down Cold Hole and find Cyan Pikmin then the ship will say "Wow what a strange Pikmin my sensors indicate that this Pikmin has skin built for super cold weather. It could be very useful. It also has fur!" Then when you get the Super Calligraphy and leave the cave, a new area opens up, Peril Cliff.