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Pikmin 3: Return to the Pikmin Planet
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 3: Return to the Pikmin Planet, a fanon game created by Fillet-O-Fish.
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Posybugs are small, insectoid creatures that are enemies in Pikmin 3: Return to the Pikmin Planet. They sometimes appear when you throw a Pikmin at a Pellet Posy, instead of getting a Pellet, a Posybug falls down and scampers around like a Skitter Leaf. Throwing a Pikmin at it will flip it over and you'll get as many Pikmin as the Posy it disguised itself as had. You must throw the same number of Pikmin at it as it's Posy (i.e. it it's Posy said 10, you would have to throw 10 at it.) They are very fast.