Queen Foxtail

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Queen Foxtail
Family Foxtail

The Queen Foxtail is a species of foxtail matriarch that uses mimicry to hunt.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: The Huge Debt

Megacano Bulborb.jpg
Pikmin: The Huge Debt
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Huge Debt, a fanon game created by 13pikmar.
Queen Foxtail The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Foxtail
Attacks Burns Pikmin

The Queen Foxtail is a boss appearing in Pikmin: The Huge Debt. It is a Foxy Foxtail that has one eye on its stalk instead of two, breathes fire at Pikmin, and has triple the vitality of a standard Foxy Foxtail.