Shroomy Pastures

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Pikmin Adventure (DrTapeworm version)
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Shroomy Pastures is the fifth level in Green Village in Pikmin Adventure. It is a farm located in the outskirts of the village. Here, the marvelous fungi known as Springshrooms are grown and cultivated. These large mushrooms act like trampolines when jumped onto, allowing Blue to reach higher areas. Some of the livestock have escaped, and they're not very happy.


  • Groob
  • Tate
  • Bounso
  • Rattle



  • There is a locked barn door with cracks on it. Smash it with any attack to reveal Bounso and several Flower Coins.
  • There is an iron treasure chest laying around near the end of the level. It can only be destroyed by getting one of the Armored Cannon Beetle Larvae to shoot a boulder at it.