Pikmin Adventure (DrTapeworm version)

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Pikmin Adventure (DrTapeworm version)
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Adventure, a fanon game created by DrTapeworm.
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For other games with similar names, see Pikmin Adventure.

Pikmin Adventure is a game that takes place in the time period between Pikspore and Pikmin: Shadows of the Future. Unlike most Pikmin games, Pikmin Adventure is a platforming-style game. Take control of an aspiring young Blue Pikmin who wishes to be a hero like the legendary Captain Olimar. His big chance comes when a mysterious evil seals most of the Pikmin in stone shells and threatens to wipe all life off the planet. Get ready!


The controls for Pikmin Adventure are much different from any other Pikmin game. Using the analog stick moves Blue around. Pressing A makes him jump, pressing A while in mid-jump makes him perform a double jump. Pressing the C button makes Blue perform a leaf/bud/flower whack attack, which deals some damage to enemies. Holding the Z button makes him duck, pressing Z in mid-jump makes him perform a Ground Pound attack.

Blue has a health bar displayed in the top right corner of the screen. He initially has three health points, though this number can be increased. When Blue has full health, he is a Flower Pikmin, when he has half of his original health, he is a Bud Pikmin. If low on health, he is a Leaf Pikmin. When out of health, he turns into a Pikmin Ghost and loses a life. The life meter is displayed under the health bar.


Areas in this game are found in the form of hub worlds housing gateways to multiple playable levels inside. All areas have a boss level at the end which can only be entered if every other level in the area is completed. Defeating the boss allows you to progress to the next area.

Green Village

Brown Mountain

Blue Wetland

White Tundra

Red Wasteland


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