Snowy Land of Fear

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The Snowy Land of Fear is the fourth area in Pikmin: Sagittarius' Adventure As it's name suggests, it is a vast land filled with ice and snow. Many poison and ice hazards are in this area, so be sure to pick up Cyan Pikmin and White Pikmin while you're here. It holds 6 Hocotate files.


After the ice is melted off the landing site, Sagittarius lands here to continue his search for the lost Hocotate files.

Pikmin Found


Subarea 1: Snow Hill

The landing site. It is beside a giant hill made of snow. A cave at the top has dropping icicles, killing any non-cyans. The Frozen Well is found in this cave. At the other side of the hill is the the Frozen Forest subarea. To the south of the landing site is the Icicle Abyss subarea.

Subarea 2: Icicle Abyss

A big ravine with icicles jutting out the sides. Poison generators are here and so are frozen winds. At the bottom is a cave.

Subarea 3: Frozen Forest

A maze-like forest. The trees are made of ice. Hidden somewhere is the Cyan onion. At the end of the maze is the Ice Mountains subarea.

Subarea 4: Ice Mountains

A large mountain range. Snowballs roll down the sides, so be careful climbing it. Poisonous enemies dominate the area. A tower resides at the peak of one of the mountains.

Holes, Caves, and Structures

Hole/Cave/Structure Name Subarea Floors Pikmin Discovered? Bosses
Frozen Well Snow Hill 6 Yes, White Pikmin Spirit of Frost
Icy Cavern Icicle Abyss 5 N/A Coldwraith
Tower of Poisonous Frost Ice Mountains 8 N/A Servant of Balim

Enemies Encountered