Storing Compartment

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Pikmin: Rainbow World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Rainbow World, a fanon game created by Jd1612.
Storing Compartment The icon used to represent this treasure.
Storing Compartment.jpg
Number Unknown
Series Unknown
Poko value P2 Poko icon.png × 200
Weight Unknown
Maximum carriers Unknown
Location Fighting Skies

The Storing Compartment is a treasure in Pikmin: Rainbow World. It is a black backpack that is found in Fighting Skies and has a value of P2 Poko icon.png × 200. It allows Captain Olimar to hold as many items as he needs and switch between them.


Olimar's notes

This equipment allows me to hold as many items as I would like – by using the pause menu, I can switch the sprays that I use on the screen and put on many types of clothes that will help me on my journey.