Pikmin: Rainbow World

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Pikmin: Rainbow World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Rainbow World, a fanon game created by Jd1612.
Pikmin: Rainbow World
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Rating Unknown
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Nintendo GameCube, Wii
Media Optical disc
Creator Jd1612

Pikmin: Rainbow World is a fanon Pikmin game created by Jd1612 and released for the Nintendo GameCube and Wii.


Rainbow waves engulf PNF-404, altering its native life. The Pikmin are safe, and a new species, the Rainbow Pikmin, await discovery. The planet's beasts become more powerful, surging with newfound strength. Can Olimar, Louie, and the President save the Pikmin Planet from invasion, or will they watch their friends suffer before their very eyes?



  • Mount ROY G BIV
  • Rainbow Halls
  • Jungle of Color


  • Rainbow Crabby Cave
  • Color Bulborb's Den
  • Waterwraith's Lair


GameCube Wii Action
GCN Stick.png Nunchuck Annalogstick.png Move the current leader.
GCN A.png Wiimote A.png Throw Pikmin. Where near a Pikmin sprout, pluck it. When without Pikmin, punch.
GCN B.png Wiimote B.png Whistle. On the Wii version, while holding a Pikmin, swap to the next standby type.
GCN X.png Nunchuck C.png Disband Pikmin.
GCN C.png Wiimote Dpad down.png Swarm Pikmin in a given direction. For the C-stick, tilt in a desired direction, and for the D-pad, point the cursor in a desired direction.
GCN Y.png Wiimote Minus.png Switch leaders.
GCN Dpadleftright.png N/A Switch to the previous or next standby Pikmin.
GCN Dpadupdown.png Wiimote 1.png Wiimote 2.png Use equipped sprays.
GCN Z.png GCN L.png GCN R.png Wiimote Dpad left.png Wiimote Dpad up.png Wiimote Dpad right.png Change camera view. GCN Z.png/Wiimote Dpad left.png switches angles, GCN L.png/Wiimote Dpad up.png swivels, and GCN R.png/Wiimote Dpad right.png zooms in or out.
GCN Start.png Wiimote Plus.png Pause the game.