Talking Pikmin

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Talking Pikmin
Family Pikmin

The talking Pikmin is a Pikmin that is capable of advanced verbal communication.

User versions

Below this point is where users place their version of the Talking Pikmin.

Blarchar's version

See: User:Blarchar

Talking Pikmin are smaller Pikmin that can be of any species. They developed an intelligence great enough to form short sentences made up of basic words. Both the verbal and written language of talking Pikmin strongly resemble the Hocotatian language. Talking Pikmin have developed several small cities with thriving economies. They have had short appearances in every Pikmin game, but have not been very noticeable since they are so small and do not count against the on-field limit.

Lazer's version

See: User:Lazer

A talking Pikmin is about one-fourth the size of a White Pikmin and has the abilities of the species it is. When a talking Pikmin is present in a squad, the other Pikmin in it become more responsive to leaders because the talking Pikmin spread their commands throughout the group.