The Life of a Pikmin

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The Life of a Pikmin
This article or section presents information pertaining to The Life of a Pikmin, a fanfiction created by Marioguy123.

The Life of a Pikmin is a Pikmin fanfiction written by Marioguy123, from the perspective of a Red Pikmin.

Chapter 1

Hello, my name's Piky. I'm a Red Pikmin living in this humble place, waiting for adventure! If monsters see me, I must run! But, what can I do when I'm alone?

December 1st - A ship lands

Today, I saw a weird-looking shape fall from the sky with a scary being. Could it be an angel finally coming to save us all? Or perhaps an angry bird from this thing I found called a tablet? On the tablet, I saw that when the bar in the corner is empty it powers off... I'm not sure how I am even able to know what it means.

A man comes to me and I can tell he needs help! I decided to come as he found a Blue Pikmin. The man was looking for someone else, I'm sure I've seen him before.....

December 2nd - A mad guy lands

There is Olimar, and we found Louie. But where are Alph, Brittany, and Charlie? Who cares, we have Olimar! He and I go to a cave alongside four more Red Pikmin, three Blue Pikmin, and two Purple Pikmin.

And we just found a giant Bulborb, we quickly had to kill it! At first, we tried to use what we had but then we were down to me and a Blue Pikmin.

I had to tell Olimar there were a few small bulborbs around and we could've made Bulbmin out of them. The Blue Pikmin was changed by the Puffstool he was attacking, then we ran away because there were too many bulborbs approaching.

I found a leg in a bush, holding a piece of the ship. It's Louie! We told Olimar that if he was going back home he needs his ship parts. It's like I'm meeting him for the first time again!

December 3rd - The air killer

As I knew, Olimar couldn't survive so we needed to get something to use so he can have the oxygen turned to what he needed! Also using the tablet I found we could do lots of research, and if Christmas is coming we wanna spend it with him!