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New Pikmin

PEoE Black Pikmin.png Black Pikmin: adhesive-resistant

PEoE Green Pikmin.png Green Pikmin: acid-resistant

PEoE Tan Pikmin.png Tan Pikmin: earth-resistant

PEoE Gray Pikmin.png Gray Pikmin: smoke-resistant

PEoE Crystal Pikmin.png Crystal Pikmin: able to break crystals

PEoE Bomb rock Pikmin.png Bomb Rock Pikmin: explosion-resistant and able to carry bomb rocks

PEoE Ice Pikmin.png Ice Pikmin: ice-resistant and able to build ice bridges

PEoE Verdigris Pikmin.png Verdegris Pikmin: resistant to all hazards

PEoE Ascended Pikmin.png Ascended Pikmin: like normal Pikmin, only when sprayed by ultra-spicy spray, go into demon mode

PF Mushroom Pikmin.png Mushroom Pikmin: when idle, attack the nearest enemy