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Adhesive The icon used to represent this hazard.

Adhesive is a hazard that comes in many forms, the most common being webs, but others being tar, sap, and syrup. Leaders and most Pikmin types that touch adhesive will become stuck in it or be significantly slowed by it. Most of the time, Pikmin must be repeatedly whistled for them to escape adhesive. Adhesive can be found in any environment and can be produced by a selection of enemies. Depending on what form adhesive appears in, it may be destructible, or dry into a crystalline substance.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Wide World

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"It's a jungle out there!"
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Wide World, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
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Areas Mycelial Sepulcher
Type Obstruction
Hazard Adhesive
Destructible? Yes
Solution Bomb rock, fire, flames, incendiary bomb rock, mine, mine rock, ultra-hot spray, wickweed

Adhesive appears in Pikmin: Wide World in the form of webs. While webs are often found already spun, some enemies replace ones that have been destroyed, usually their own. Pikmin and leaders that walk into a web or are thrown into one will become stuck in it and at the mercy of the creature that spun it. Webs can be found in any shape and orientation and are often in the way of a goal, necessitating destroying them and the creatures that weaved them. Although webs can be destroyed using bomb rocks, mine rocks, or mines, fire is the most effective way to clear them. Whether the source of the fire was from the use of a wickweed, incendiary bomb rock, ultra-hot spray, or an enemy that utilizes it does not matter. Flames can also cause webs to catch fire.

Arachnodes build their webs up high, where they are usually no problem for any Pikmin type except Winged Pikmin. However, Winged Pikmin can learn to fly below or around Arachnode webs when one must be gotten past, either when following a leader, carrying objects, or working on a task that requires the web to be bypassed. Both Female Shooting Spiners and Male Shooting Spiners can dangle from threads when descending from a cave ceiling, but are not seen weaving webs themselves. Web-Slinging Spiners act similarly to Shooting Spiners but can shoot webbing from their back ends to ensnare Pikmin and leaders before taking a bite of them. Wracknid Hatchlings cannot create webs, but they often hide in them in considerable numbers. The Wracknid Mother can create large amounts of webs and summon her workers to aid her. Webber Dweevils and the Titan Webber Dweevil can also create webs that cover holes in the ground, where they lurk until something disturbs or destroys the web above them. It is possible for an enemy to become trapped in a web, either by accident or by forcing it into one, where it will struggle helplessly and no longer be a threat or nuisance until the web is destroyed. Enemies cannot become caught in their own webs.

The arenas greater arachnorbs are fought in always feature either a shadow cast from above or a pattern on the ground resembling a web, suggesting most of them can weave webs, at least to a degree. This also extends somewhat to the Little Long Legs, as they can be found in the general location a greater arachnorb lurks. Cloaking Burrow-nits and Spiny Burrow-nits can create silk, as threads of it can be seen in burrow-nit nests, but this silk does not affect Pikmin or leaders in any way.