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For the planet many of the canonical and fan-made Pikmin games take place on, see PNF-404.

Earth is a hazard that appears in fan-made Pikmin games. It has a variety of forms, and a variety of effects, which are usually lethal, although some are entirely harmless. Brown Pikmin and Tan Pikmin are only two examples of Pikmin that are resistant to earth hazards. Clouds of dirt or sand are some of the most common forms of the hazard of earth, and they choke any inapt Pikmin that walk into them. The end of their stem will be engulfed by a cloud of it, and they will collapse and perish if not whistled in time. Mud is usually not dangerous, merely slowing Pikmin and leaders that touch it or tread through it, although in some games it may threaten the lives of Pikmin that make contact with it. Quicksand is somewhat similar to mud, slowing down anything that walks into it, but also pulling them downwards, sealing their fate if they are not quick to escape. Lastly, shockwaves knock back Pikmin and leaders, and depending on the game, may stun them or deflower Pikmin.


Below is a sample list of obstacles and enemies related to earth:

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Wide World

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Earth in Pikmin: Wide World is a relatively common hazard that applies to few obstacles and a larger amount of enemies. No particular Pikmin type is resistant to earth itself, although Rock Pikmin are effective against some earth-based enemies and obstacles because of their ability to destroy crystalline and glass substances and because of their immunity to blunt force. Purple Pikmin are also useful because of their ability to destroy some earth-based obstacles merely by pounding on top of them, often with terrific results. Earth is seen in several forms, which are dirt, sand, boulders, rocks, crystal, and mud. While many enemies exhibit the ability to burrow into or out of the ground, only a few actually utilize earth to defend themselves. Some larger enemies, namely more mobile ones, are capable of jumping and producing shockwaves when they land that propel Pikmin and leaders in the opposite direction.

Muddy Meerslugs inhabit puddles of mud, feeding upon any Pikmin, leaders, and small enemies that tread through it. Mudwisps glide through the air, dropping the blob of mud it was carrying onto leaders and Pikmin under it. Sable Flint Flickers kick up pebbles as they skitter around, which induces panic in Pikmin that are hit and inflicts minor damage to leaders that are hit. Grouchy Goblaxes flick and spit mud at Pikmin and leaders. The Sandbelching Meerslug is able to launch large clumps of sand from its mouth and create sand pits.

Calcified Crushblats and Crystalline Crushblats, Crystalline Bulborbs and their dwarf counterpart, the Armored Mawdad, the Diamond Long Legs, Heir Bulblaxes, and the Quaggled Mireclops use crystal as armor to protect themselves from attack. The Grimacing Cremblub has long, crystal-like nails growing from its front legs. Crystal Kettlebugs have glowing crystals on their body, but destroying them is not necessary to kill one of the creatures. Mechanical enemies, such as, but not limited to, Red Bulbots, Worker Beebs, and Telescoping Pumphogs, each possesses one or more weakpoints that are made of glass, which is functionally identical to crystal. Rocky Wraiths reside within a pile of rocks. The Tombcarver Mawdad wears armor made of stone, rendering it almost invulnerable to attack until it is broken off. The tusks of the Tusked Elephog and Woolly Mammhog are like crystal and can be destroyed.

Mud puddles can be found in Balmy Highlands, Ancient Metalworks, and exposed portions of Mycelial Sepulcher on rainy days and the day following that, and they can also be always found in Endless Sea. Sand pits are naturally-occurring obstacles in Arid Oasis and some sandy dens and caves, although temporary sand pits can be created by the Sandbelching Meerslug as one of its attacks.