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Pikpik carrots.png Onion Page I wonder if Pikmin like Pikpik carrots? Or do they eat harvested pellets overnight?MyPikPikCarrotPikmin eat nectar. Pikmin attack enemies. Pikmin get eaten. MyPikPikCarrot
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Onion Administration - Violet Candypop Bud

Welcome to the Violet Candypop Bud!


User Rights List

The rights are:

  1. Normal (normal; no extra rights) (default)
  2. Admin (1st; can discuss new messages) (ask)*
  3. Master (MyPikPikCarrot) (cannot be obtained)*

*Users with these rights can become Answerers in the Onion Help.

Current Admins

Red Onion

Yellow Onion

Blue Onion



Quick Links

Candypop Bud Onion Administration
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