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Welcome to PikFan23's User Page! Welcome!

Today's date is June 9, 2024, in week 23 of the year.

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Hey! I'm PikFan23, though you may also call me Jake. As my name implies, I'm a total fan of Pikmin (aren't we all?) and I proudly own every Pikmin game! (Besides Pikmin Adventure in Nintendo Land and I won't be able to get Hey! Pikmin since my 3DS is broken. :/) I live in the US and I was born in January 2000.

I have two fan games. My main one right now is Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds, and the other one is Pikmin: End of Time. PCW is the first in a trilogy of fan games, while PET is a standalone game. ...I probably will never finish these games since they are always subject to change, but hey, that's kinda the whole point of the wiki, right?

I used to write on the story serial. My story was called Pikmin: Mysterious World. However, I stopped writing it because I running into story problems, and also what I thought was a lack of interest.

Need to talk to me? Leave a message on my talk page! I usually will get back to you fairly quickly. I'm also in our wiki's Discord server. Finally, if you need to, you can email me at

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To Do List


  • Revamp Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds
  • Begin working on Project: Impact On hold
  • Work on Pikmin: End of Time On hold
  • Get more mainspace edits than userspace edits


  • Revamp current policies and implement new policies for specific articles, and make templates to mark pages that don't follow the policies.
  • Get all uncategorized pages, files, templates and categories categorized, and clean up the category system.
  • Remove obsolete templates, categories, etc. and all instances of them.
  • Get proper documentation for templates.
  • Create a file licensing system.
  • Revamp and complete the Help pages.
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Pikmin-related stuff

Pikmin Count

See: User:PikFan23/Pikmin Count
Note: This population count was obtained as of the morning of day 540.
  • P2 Red Pikmin.png Red Pikmin count: 13,099
  • P2 Yellow Pikmin.png Yellow Pikmin count: 13,267
  • P2 Blue Pikmin.png Blue Pikmin count: 13,061
  • P2 Purple Pikmin.jpg Purple Pikmin count: 1,210
  • P2 White Pikmin.jpg White Pikmin count: 1,180
  • All Pikmin colors.jpg Total Pikmin count: 41,817

Also, I found this guy on YouTube who managed to get 100,000 Pikmin total! I was deeply impressed when I saw it. (Truth be told, it severely hurt my pride...) Here's a link to that video: [1]

UPDATE: I'm still working on the populations and still recording them. I haven't updated because I don't want to flood the recent changes with a bunch of userspace edits, so I'm trying to go for a bunch of records in a few edits.

My Favorite/Least Favorite Bosses

Favorite: Titan Dweevil

Why: This boss was impossible to beat when I first encountered it. Then I found a strategy to beat it, and now fighting it is so much fun!

Least Favorite: Pileated Snagret

Why: It's very hard doing a zero-death run (which is a MUST for all the caves I go into) with this boss, and it's tricky because it's always fidgeting, not to mention that it's either on a hill or in a sinkhole...

Fun Pikmin Facts

I have completed the Snagret Hole with no Blue Pikmin! Sublevel 6 was really hard, because there are four treasures on that level, but there's a bunch of water, not to mention two Burrowing Snagrets. I made it especially harder on myself because I don't let any Pikmin die, so I got very, very frustrated, because I had to keep resetting. The rest of the cave was easier than that awful level.

Also, I have managed to get over 1,000 sprays of each kind. Interestingly, if you do have 1,000 sprays, the fourth digit doesn't show! I was hoping to see a fourth digit, but digits aren't everything.

I've also played a Pikmin 2 file for over 550 hours. This isn't even counting the thousands of times that I've reset...

13 Day Run of Pikmin 2

Yes that's right. I'm currently attempting a 13-day run of Pikmin 2. Miles, a speedrunner from Pikipedia, discovered how to access Blue Pikmin without Yellow Pikmin. So I used the same glitch and I have now formulated a run which will take precisely thirteen in-game days. Here is the list below, in chronological order:

  • Day 1: VoR (Valley of Repose). Today was the tutorial day, flowered as many Reds as possible.
  • Day 2: VoR. Second tutorial day. Got 29 Purple Pikmin, raised Red Pikmin count, made the AW (Awakening Wood) accessible.
  • Day 3: AW. Discovered the White and Blue Pikmin. Completed the White Flower Garden.
  • Day 4: AW. Built bridges to the Snagret Hole, completed the Hole of Beasts. Also got 1 extra Purple. Made the PP (Perplexing Pool) accessible.
  • Day 5: PP. Discovered and raised the Yellow Pikmin.
  • Day 6: PP. Destroyed all obstacles, made treasures more easily accessible.1
  • Day 7: PP. Will complete all caves and collect all treasures simultaneously today.
  • Day 8: AW. Will destroy all remaining obstacles, make remaining treasures more easily accessible.
  • Day 9: AW. Will complete all remaining caves and collect all remaining treasures simultaneously today.2
  • Day 10: VoR. Will destroy all remaining obstacles, make remaining treasures more easily accessible. Will grow 100 Purple Pikmin in spare time.3
  • Day 11: VoR. Will complete all remaining caves and collect all remaining treasures simultaneously today. Will grow 100 Purple Pikmin in spare time.3
  • Day 12: WW (Wistful Wild). Will destroy all obstacles, make treasures more easily accessible.
  • Day 13: WW. Will complete all caves and collect all treasures simultaneously today. The game is completed as of this day.

In the list above, you may have seen some floating numbers. They are indicators of notes; I will list them below.

  • 1: This means that I have only completed days 1-6. The days after are merely plans on what I intend to do on said days.
  • 2: This means, as of day 9, the debt will have been entirely repaid.
  • 3: As the Doomsday Apparatus requires the strength 1000 Pikmin, I must grow 100 Purple Pikmin to carry it, but I must do it ASAP. However, as I currently have 30 Purple Pikmin right now, I also know I will get 10 in the Submerged Castle, so I shouldn't worry. I will only have to make 4 Pikmin-breeding trips to the Subterranean Complex. If I have even more extra time, I will use it to get Ultra-bitter sprays from the Frontier Cavern.