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And now for a little ditty I call The Phosbat Rag...

Hello, I'm Scruffy. I'm a musician who wrote the updated music articles on Pikipedia, and now I'm here to create some original content!

My Pikipedia page.

My YouTube channel

My gallery of images for Pikmin Forever

My game is Pikmin Forever. It's a conclusion to the story arc of the canon Pikmin series, with some new Pikmin types, new gameplay mechanics, and huge Challenge Mode and Sandbox modes. I'm modeling and rendering all of its concept art, and I'm composing its soundtrack! It'll all show up here as I complete it.

IMPORTANT: If you have render or music requests, please keep them Pikmin-themed! That's what this wiki is all about!


Hi! If you are my friend or would like to be, you can now parade around with these userboxes, created at the graces of my friend Neocraftz1553!

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Pikmin Forever




Blender studies and artwork

Thanks for the requests so far, keep them coming!

Pikmin 2 modifications


If anyone has requests for music or CGI images, don't hesitate to put them in my talk page! I have capable software and a lot of experience, and I'd like to give your ideas some musical and visual background. Keep in mind that, the more detail you put in your request, the closer I can get it to the idea in your head.

Music composition comes easier to me than image composition, but I welcome any and all requests!

IMPORTANT: Please keep your requests Pikmin-themed! That's what this wiki is all about!

Some notes:

  • I use Sibelius, Notion, Studio One, and GarageBand for my musical compositions. These are all paid applications; I would still recommend them if you want a pretty capable music product without actually hiring people to play a piece. Sibelius (and Finale, but I prefer Sibelius) is the end-all notation program for professionals; it is insanely good and I am humbled on a daily basis by its scope.
  • I use Blender, GIMP, Autodesk Sketchbook (the free version), and Autodesk Pixlr for all my photo composition and editing (all of those applications are free; I'd recommend them for getting ideas out of your head and onto a 2D or 3D world).

Some caveats:

  • Nintendo doesn't want anyone to use their copyright, but they don't really enforce it. That being said, I would prefer if have your original music requests posted before your requests for arrangements of Pikmin music; I don't want to abuse their passiveness to YouTube remixes.
  • The more complex an image you desire, the longer it will take me. I do not yet have the tools to rip or view models from the original games, so please bear with me as I build most of my images from scratch. Don't expect the full 3D Valley of Repose the day after you request it (or the month for that matter). Pikmin requests I can definitely handle, and enemy/item requests take longer but are still doable. I can also make area previews, as in a small scene depicting part of an area. Each request helps me learn more about optimizing my computer for composing or rendering.
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