Yellow Bulbear

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Yellow Bulbear
Family Grub-dog

The Yellow Bulbear is a species of grub-dog that either remains awake throughout the day but falls asleep at sunset or may sleep throughout the day but awaken at sunset.

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Bluesarethebest's version

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Yellow Bulbear The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Grub-dog
Attacks Eats Pikmin

The Yellow Bulbear is a grub-dog that falls asleep shortly before sunset. It has bloodshot eyes and, needless to say, a yellow backside. Seeing a Yellow Bulbear sleep is a rare occurrence because of its sleeping habits, but also because it fears Red Pikmin. Because it is hurt by water, chasing a Yellow Bulbear into a waterbody by using Red Pikmin and then surrounding it with them is a viable strategy against it.