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Doomed Time
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After finding the Ununpentium revive This mode is unlocked.You first start off in,Bleak Fields playing in first person view of an unknown hocotatian captain.Depending on how well you play,is skilled with pikmin.You know you've unlocked challenge mode,when The Ship says "I feel as if the fallen are speaking".After that you can head to the main menu and see three question marks.That is to select zombie mode.The first time you play it,a video plays of a crashed ship and a bunch of your pikmin panicking.You try to calm them down but in the horizon you can see black shapes heading towards you.You scramble back up to your feet and get out your space lazer.You also grab one of your pikmin to throw.The shapes get closer,and your eyes close due to being tired.You open them and the shapes are even closer.You close your eyes involuntarily and open them quickly,They are upon you!!!and they appear to be zombies!!!!!!!.The video cuts out to the name of this mode,Pikmin Zombie Challenge.When the video is finished you can play the first map Bleak Fields.When you finally get a game over you can now play all the regular maps from Pikmin 1 and 2!!!!!!.