Arctic Clamclamp

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Arctic Clamclamp
Family Snareshell

The Arctic Clamclamp is a species of snareshell that inhabits icy, polar regions.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: The Rising Darkness

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The Rising Darkness
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Rising Darkness, a fanon game created by BeatOli.
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Arctic Clamclamp The icon used to represent this enemy.
Arctic Clamclamp.jpg
Scientific name Lapis fridgidus
Family Unknown
Areas Icy Wastes
Caves Fridgid Volcano
Attacks Eats and freezes Pikmin

The Arctic Clamclamp is a relative of the Pearly Clamclamp in Pikmin: The Rising Darkness that thrives in frigid environments. This species prefers cold areas and is normally found near frozen lakes. Its shell shines a wonderful blue, hence its name. Its pearl is surrounded by a blue membrane that will chill and eventually freeze all but Cyan Pikmin. Once frozen, the Clamclamp can easily consume the helpless Pikmin.


Olimar's notes

The Arctic Clamclamp is a relative to the Pearly Clamclamp. The main difference is its color change due to arctic conditions. This species had adopted a membrane that contains a chemical, which is released upon contact, which will instantly freeze the creature that came into contact with it. This is proven to be an effective hunting technique and when combined with its blue camouflage, it is a deadly organism and one should be careful when investigating this species.

Louie's notes

Break the shell. Extract the membrane from the shell and begin to boil the pearl-like sphere. Spice the tongue with paprika to serve with the pearl and enjoy a delicious seafood meal.