Black Death

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One Pikmin
This article or section presents information pertaining to One Pikmin, a fanon game created by Piki1.
Black Death
Black Death.jpg
Health 1,000
Attack 20
Defense 10

Black Death, also known by his real name, Pikiki, is the main antagonist and penultimate boss of One Pikmin. Formerly a Red Pikmin before being corrupted, Black Death is a tall Corruption Pikmin that carries a Yix-powered staff and has a yellow gem encrusted on his forehead. He also has a gash on his stomach which reveals a strange, red substance.

Pikiki lived with his family in an Onion in the Forest of Hope. During his childhood, his father and brother were eaten by a Red Bulborb. He lived alone with his mom for some time afterward. At the age of ten, he drowned in Blue Lake and was thought to be dead. Years later, corruption came to the planet and afflicted him. Now resurrected with a corrupted mind, Pikiki learned of the power of Yix, the substance in the center of the Distant Planet that keeps it together. With this discovery, Pikiki builds a fortress and begins to absorb the Yix. He soon gets ultimate control of the corruption and began corrupting Pikmin to make his army, and now goes by the name Black Death. Before she died, Black Death's mother carried in one more pellet and makes another Pikmin seed. She plants it in the center of Bulban Ruins. The world then shifts into ruin...

Black Death resides in his fortress, aptly named Black Death's Fortress, watching over the heroes' progress. In act three, he sends out one of his servants, Assassinatya, to eliminate the heroes. After the assassin's failure, Black Death punishes him by sending him to his room. In act four, Black Death turns the Great River into blood and later proceeds to drown the heroes in it. In act five, he tries to corrupt the Red Pikmin but fails. He isn't seen again until act nine, when he coordinates an assault on District P13. He is then confronted in his base, and killed, all before the heroes confront the Living Yix. His attacks consist of striking the party with his staff, inflicting twenty damage to each member, striking party members with large black thorny roses, dealing forty damage to each member, and summoning Yix to inflict random status ailments to the whole party.